God Is My Home

Each day, I mostly spend my entire day at school, five days a week, living the last semester of my college life. I would eventually graduate from college and earn my degree. Living each day based on the worldly standards is indeed difficult, especially for me who would soon enter the business world. I need to go beyond the standard or just be at par with what is set in order to survive and live the established lifestyle. However, each day, I always yearn to be at home. At the end of the day I am always excited to go home. At our home, I never pretend who I am because I am at my most comfortable self. What I also love being at home is my family, most especially my father’s company, talking about anything whenever I massage his feet before he goes to sleep, and my mother’s love and care whenever she wakes up early in the morning in order to cook breakfast. Truly, home is where the heart is. This is also what I feel each day whenever I seek for God in every moment of life since for me, God is my home. I belong where God is.

I am already living twenty years of my life here on earth. For this, I thank God for the wonderful blessings He has showered in my life and I continue to look forward for more blessings and experiences that He has in store for me. Yet, within these twenty years, there are times in my life where I became extremely attached to material things. I was still unaware of myself and of the things that matter most during such times. I tried to satisfy myself with material possessions. I tried to follow trends, lived with the worldly standards, and kept an eye on the latest fad. Whenever I desire for something, I worked hard for it and whenever I already have it, I still seek for more and more. I lived this kind of life like I was trapped in a rat race. I was so hungry that I keep on consuming things that could not even satisfy my desires. I forgot myself and became distant with my relationship with God. I also struggled in keeping up with the world. I started to question myself and I alienated myself from others. Then, I eventually isolated myself and spent time with my own person, pondering on the things that are recently happening in my life.

Whenever I compare this era from the previous times, life for the people today, especially for teenagers or young adults like me, is not anymore easy. This can be depicted on the attractions which could be appealing for our eyes, the media that dictates and judges what is wrong or right for us, and the various enjoyable experiences that entice us to get involved. Through time, I was able to realize that the material possessions and the things that are here today would eventually vanish tomorrow. This eventually became one of the principles of my life right now. Moreover, it is a fact that life here on earth is difficult. Yet, tests and trials are essential in our lives in order to develop our character and to prepare us for something better. Just as how I and other people struggle each day, it is through such things where I realized that I experienced difficulties in this world since this is not our home. The world I live today is not my ultimate home. Now, I live my life by not becoming too attached to mundane matters since this will only bring me more dissatisfaction. Such things will never make me satisfy since my home is not here on earth. Moreover, the resources here on earth are given by God provided that we enjoy its benefits without owning it but rather, by taking care of it and being responsible stewards of his gifts. That is why each day, I always try to show my gratitude to the other people and to treat each person with kindness, to be thankful for the blessings and surprises God has given me, to be responsible for the trust God has given me on some aspects of my life and most importantly, to live each day as if it would be my last and to have faith living here on earth despite the challenges and trials I experience as one of God’s pilgrim people. We should always fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen because what is seen is temporary but what is seen is eternal. From all of this, I am thankful that I finally understood seeing such glimpse through my experiences. I am not anymore afraid of death because I know that at death, I would not leave home. I am excited to go home because that is the place where I truly belong.


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