The Role Of Investment In The Independence Of A Nation

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A country’s Independence Day commemorates the nation’s liberation from colonial or dictatorial rule. Last June 12, 2015, our country celebrated its 117th anniversary of independence from the Spanish regime. Based on the dictionary, independence is defined as the state of being free of control of some other person, country or entity. We commemorate our independence from the Spanish colonization every year. Most of us believe that we are already free. Yet, our country is still not entirely free because we are still bounded from the chains that our society has imposed. In fact, we have difficulty in breaking free from these chains.

Cartoon by Jess Abrera of Philippine Daily Inquirer (February 15, 2011)

First, most Filipinos cannot escape from the chains of poverty. As a result of poverty, unfortunately, some of our fellow Filipinos become slaves of poverty. Amidst the liberty that we have to work in our motherland, thousands of Filipinos leave the country in order to work abroad and earn more money for their family. Second, Filipinos are still enslaved from the unscrupulous acts of government officials. We are chained from their corrupt practices because we allow them to enslave us during elections, such as vote buying and bribery. As a result, millions of Filipino youths struggle in obtaining quality education because funds which could have been allocated for projects are instead channeled for personal interests. For some, education already becomes a privilege, not a right. Thus, several Filipinos lack knowledge to make better decisions in some aspects of their life. Consequently, through education, we could obtain freedom since through the knowledge that we gain, it becomes the key in having a better life.

Likewise, through knowledge, one could have the power to make sound decisions especially in achieving financial freedom. In relation to this, obtaining knowledge is an investment. A person invests because despite the possession or time they gave up at present, they expect to attain greater value in the future compared to the thing that they gave up at present. Through investment, a person would be able to break free from the chains. Right now, Filipinos need to be financially literate in order to properly manage their finances and to invest their money at the right place. Instead of investing the money in gambling, we should invest our money through saving or by becoming a stockholder of a company. Through ownership of stocks, one could not only help the company’s growth, but also provide employment and improve the economic health of the nation. However, investment is not only limited in finance. It could likewise be applied among several aspects.

At present, the Filipino youth should strive to invest in education as it is the key to several opportunities in life. We all know that the journey of attaining education is a winding road. Nevertheless, the fruits of education are priceless. Through education, the society’s disease of ignorance would be cured. We would be able to make better decisions in our life and we would be able to break free from the chains since we have properly invested our time and money. In sum, proper investment, may it be in finance or in other aspects in our lives and our society, is essential for our country to attain independence.


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  1. Hi Mau! A senior student in Finman5 made a reference of your piece for their essay on “The Role of Investment in the Independence of a Nation.” It’s a nice piece. And it’s nice to know that there those who were moved by your piece. Continue and enjoy writing!

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