Untying The Tied Knot?

I took this picturesque scene last May 18, 2015 during our family friend’s wedding at San Isidro Labrador Parish in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City. As I witnessed the marriage vows between the two couples, I deeply pondered on how God entwined the hearts of a man and woman and eventually, make them one. It is indeed true that people fall in love in mysterious ways because it is all part of a plan which is God’s plan. The Sacrament of Matrimony is a memorable occasion for couples as it signifies their commitment to love each other for the rest of their lives. Likewise, God has joined a man and a woman for a purpose. However, as I can witness in this era, several people tend to redefine marriage because of the worldly influence. Some think that marriage is just a trend wherein if one doesn’t like his or her partner, it would just be easy to change another partner. In this case, divorce becomes the simple way to end a marriage and entering the realms of marriage becomes easier because of divorce.

For me, marriage plays an important role in our society since it is where the basic unit of our society begins which is the family. The family is essential because it is where the person builds his or her values and principles through the influence of the family members. More likely, a person’s character and values are a result of the upbringing of his or her family. Currently, in our country, I have seen several families that have been shattered because of various factors. One common factor is a partner’s infidelity to his or her other half. As a result, some of the family members were lost and lead to wrong directions in life. Some forgot the essence of marriage. Similarly, the state recently attempted to legalize divorce, but the Catholic Church strongly opposed it since the Sacrament of Matrimony is a Holy One. Based on what I’ve learned in our Church and Sacraments course in our religious studies subject, marriage is not a profession but a vocation. Since it is a vocation, the decision to enter marriage must be genuinely discerned by a person through listening to God’s calling in a person’s life.

Indeed, it is truly important that before entering the realms of marriage, a person must be able to know one’s self and be able to love God first above all things. Likewise, I am very grateful that I was raised by my parents who are active Church servants and members of religious communities. Consequently, I was molded and raised in a family that believes Jesus Christ and His teachings, which became the foundation of my ideals, principles, and values. Thus, I really put importance in the sanctity of marriage, in choosing my future husband, and in preparing myself to become the right person for my other half in God’s perfect time. Through my parents, I have learned that their 6-year relationship before marriage and 33-year marriage was a result of their love for God. Their love for God was stronger than the love that they have for each other which held them together through the years, even when the world tries to tear them apart.


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