The Beauty of Rio

My friend, Pamela, with her flattering new look. ❤

Yesterday afternoon, January 15, 2016, Pamela and I went to the Du-aw Park near the St. Augustine’s Cathedral. I always desire to go that place in order to see the glimpse of The Rio, our very own Cagayan de Oro River. It was my first time to go  there. Indeed, it’s in the Centrio. Not the Ayala Centrio Mall situated in the city. For the sake of those people who doesn’t know the meaning of Centrio, it means “center of the river,” which is where the mall’s name came from because of the famous Cagayan de Oro River, an icon here in the city.

The crawling branches of the eye-catching Acacia Tree at the park


The Ysalina Bridge, the oldest bridge in the city that connects the two districts of Cagayan de Oro


I was not able to long-fully watch the gushing water of the river due to the scourging heat of the sun. Yet, I was able to see the flowing water where the sun’s rays are reflected upon.




My face, battling the afternoon sun’s heat


A little bit blurry but this is the place where the dike is situated

When my friend and I went to the portion of the river where the dike of the cathedral is situated, I remembered what my father, a native Kagay-anon, said that it is the deepest portion of the river.


Some of my friends also say that there are treasures hidden underneath the river’s deepest area. Similarly, some say that there is also a hole or a long trench near the dike wherein the Japanese soldiers usually hide during the World War 2. I don’t understand how would they hide under the water. The trench is said to extend from the Cathedral to the area of Barangay Gusa where one of the river’s tributaries and the sea meets. Moreover, I mostly remember how the typhoon Sendong brought damage in our city. Years after the storm came to the city, I could still hear news often times where unidentified remains are found near the riverbed. Some believed that these were the unfortunate victims of the devastating typhoon. Staring deeply in the river, I can sense that there are still several innocent lives that were buried beneath the soils of the river.


As I took a shot of this beautiful river, I wished that this natural wonder would remain to be as beautiful and calm as this. Years from now, may the future generations nurture this beautiful river that witnessed the history of Cagayan de Oro.


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