On The Film, Ika-3 Putahi

Watching the film, Ika-3 Putahi for the first time was a very terrifying experience for me. Yet, there is still a lesson we can obtain from the film’s story if we would deeply discover on what more than meets the eye.
First, the movie reminded me of the short story, A Rose for Emily. In that story, Emily was very obsessed with her lover. There came a time that her lover wanted to escape from her. Because of her deep fixation to him, she killed him so that she can have him forever. Like in the film, Emilio was also obsessed with Helena. It is depicted when Emilio particularly said to Helena, “Just staring at your beauty lets me forget my hunger.” This signifies that he was just looking Helena physically because of his hunger of the flesh, as seen in the first part of the film where Helena and Emilio are having a sensual scene. Also, Will, Emilio’s half-brother, considered Helena as a food, specifically a finger-food specialty. This indicates that both men considered her as a personal consumption. They would just use her for their self-satisfaction. When the food would already rot, they would just eventually throw her away.
Second, as I remembered from our Philosophy of the Human Nature class, the famous ethologist and philosopher, Konrad Lorenz asserted that aggression is, somehow, a part of a human being’s existence. In some situations, man will try to use his rationality. However, sometimes, the influence of a person’s reason to aggression is very weak. Similarly, Emilio’s character symbolized Konrad Lorenz’s philosophy on aggression. He lost his rationality as a human being because of his jealousy. Eventually, he seriously became competitive which resulted to an act of butchering and murdering his own brother. This implies that Emilio was very obsessed with Helena. He will never allow any person to steal his food.
Lastly, what struck me most was how Emilio horribly treated Helena on the later part of the movie. As a woman, I pity Helena because she doesn’t deserve to be treated like an animal. Consequently, the music Ave Maria relates to Helena being a woman. Just like her, the Virgin Mary symbolizes women and their capacity to sacrifice despite the pain that they are experiencing.
All in all, Ika-3 Putahi is a film that should be watched for movie viewers who are very sensitive to the diverse symbolical meanings that it portrays. Truly, one would just then appreciate the true message that the movie would want to convey to its viewers.


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