Only God Can Judge You And Me


But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

“Let the man among you who has no sin be the first to throw a stone to her.” These were the words that Jesus said to the people that kept ringing in my head in today’s gospel. The gospel of John 8:1-11 is very timely and relevant to the events that happened in my life right now.

We human beings are all sinful. Even by the time we were born, we are already considered sinners. As we grow up, we have accumulated numerous sins which we have committed in our lifetime. I, for one, consider myself as a very sinful person. I did harmful things that are contrary to what my religion, Christianity, is saying. It’s shameful for me as a Roman Catholic. In today’s Sunday homily, I was mostly struck by the words that the Polish priest (who, amazingly, knows how to speak Visayan) said to the audience. He told to the people regarding Mahatma Gandhi. The famous Mahatma Gandhi is a Hindu in India. Yet, he reads the bible of the Christians and considers it as one of the best books he ever read, specifically the gospels in the New Testament. He was amazed on the teachings of Christianity. However, Gandhi said that he would never baptize himself to become a Christian because the Christians he saw are contrary to what he witnessed about Jesus Christ. According to Gandhi, Christians are like stones that are submerged in the water. We are wet outside but the inside is, still, very hard. We Christians are the stones because inside us, our hearts are empty and stiff.

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Right now, I am mostly struck by what Gandhi said because I believe that I have been living currently with a hard and an empty heart. My life is completely dry right now because it has been months were I forgot to pray or per se, I just pray shallowly, and I just go to church for the sake of fulfilling my obligations as a Roman Catholic. Likewise, there are also events that dragged me down which hindered the flow of creative juices in my life. Moreover, what made me realize such things at present is because of my journey in college which would come to a conclusion this Friday, March 18, 2015, our college graduation. I am mostly grateful for these things right now since I have attained education as a result of my hard work and labor for 15 years. On the other hand, social media and the World Wide Web greatly contributed to my emptiness because instead of bonding and socializing with other people and with my friends, I have been stuck in pleasing other people through my Facebook posts and statuses. Overall, I have been wasting my time on useless things that don’t contribute to the growth of my spirituality. My soul has been malnourished because it was fed with junk and under nutritive foods or foods that don’t contribute to my soul’s welfare. In relation to that, just yesterday, I posted a collage graduation picture of my friends who would also graduate, namely, Pamela and Sweatzeal. They have significantly contributed to my journey in college because they have been my support-system. Together with the collage image, I indicated a maoy or sober caption that says, “Hi! Kami diae tong wala nagdali sa gugma kay ga huna-huna mi sa among kaugmaon kaysa sa karon.” In English, it means that we are the ones who did not rush in love because we first think of our future in order to attain our dreams instead of just being satisfied of our present life. However, I was shocked when a certain barkada or clique of my close friend, got offended. What I can just say is that it’s up to them if they took it seriously or not because that is my opinion. Most importantly, I did not name a certain person and I did not intend to hurt anyone. In sum, one lesson lies here not only for me but for the rest of us. When we are extremely happy or said, don’t post it on social media. That is why right now, I am trying to abstain myself from social media and focus my hobby in writing where I would have the opportunity to travel with my mind and think of beautiful things.
Moving on, in relation to the Sunday’s gospel, I am motivated right now to fill my heart with good things. I look up to my friend, Pamela, who truly practices her faith through merciful works. Take for example an egg. There are three kinds of eggs. The first egg, by the time it crushed and fell to the ground, it just breaks into pieces because it is empty. Inside that egg, it is only filled with air. The second egg is a hard-boiled egg. By the time it crushed and fell to the ground, it does not break because the inside is hard and stiff, just like the stone in the water. Lastly, the third egg is an egg that is filled with life. By the time it crushed and fell to the ground, the inside has a yolk which signifies life. We should strive to be like the third egg.

Although I am still in the process of becoming patient because impatience is really my weakness, I strive to live my life with happiness and love and to enliven Jesus Christ in my heart. I am thankful that the Polish priest showed to the audience the rosary because I realized that it has been untouched in my bedroom’s table for months right now. I always seek to be open-minded on things by not judging other people because we have different life journeys which contributed to who we are right now. Moreover, neither should we throw a stone to anyone who is a sinner because we, ourselves, are also sinners. Just as Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go away and don’t sin again.” In this year of mercy and as the Holy Week approaches, may we fill our heart with beautiful things that would nourish our soul and most importantly, may we not forget to be merciful and to be repentant of our sins.



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