The Investment That Pays The Best Interest

Three weeks have passed ever since I graduated from college. Yet, I’m still trying to sink in my mind that I’ve already graduated in college with a degree in Business Administration major in Financial Management. This summer break has been boring yet productive for me, so far. Yet, graduating from college also means that I’m already included in the statistics of unemployed individuals in our country. Welcome to the unemployed group as they say. I would soon face the real word. It would be the real training ground since you will be tested to your limits. Budgeting, decision-making, having a family or not, being independent, debts, salary, income, and the long list is yet to come.


College graduation 2016.jpg
With my parents, after the Baccalaureate Mass and Convocation (Day 1)
College graduation 20161.jpg
Before the hooding. Day 2 of the graduation
After several years, I finally took a pose in front of the historical statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
College graduation 20162.jpg
After the hooding.
This moment was surreal! That moment when you’re hearing the usual graduation song.



I also got a Loyalty Award Medal for being in Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan since pre-school. Xavier is truly my home. ❤


My Loyalty Award Medal. I will always cherish the gift of Jesuit education.
With my feasibility studies groupmate and eventually, became one of my close friends, Caryl (Also known with her nickname, Morits). Lining up at 5:30am for the Baccalaureate Mass (Day 1).
With 4 out of 6 of my feasibility studies groupmates. So busy taking selfies and snapshots for this once in a lifetime moment, while lining up for the Baccalaureate Mass (Day 1). From picture at the lower left of the collage, L-R: Pamela, Sweatzeal, Nikka, Kim, and Me.
I took a picture after the graduation with my close friend and classmate, Allyx. She got pregnant during our 4th year college journey. She delivered her baby 4 days before the graduation. It was indeed a blessing in her life. I salute her because she is an exemplification of a strong woman.

During my college journey, I will always be grateful for my two friends whom I considered as my confidant and my greatest supporters and cheerleaders, Sweatzeal and Pamela. Without them, I would never know how would I survive college. Like the stock market, they have been with me through my peaks, my victories, my troughs, and my recovery points. I will also treasure them as they are precious gifts that God has given to me.

Together with Pamela and Sweatzeal
Our triumph is dedicated to our friend, Paulo, who is already with Our Almighty Father in heavens. I know that he is happily watching us because we granted his wish that we would eventually graduate in college. We miss you Paulo and this is for you. 😥

From these things, I am truly blessed that I finished my college education. If not for my parents, I would not be able to reach this point of my life. They have strongly guided me to the right way and unceasingly supported me in the endeavors I’ve taken throughout the years. I will always remember the memorable days in college especially when I became a Dean’s Lister in the 2nd honors roll when I was still an Accountancy student. Moreover, success in college is not just about academics but also, the people whom you shared your journey with. Also, I will remember the days were I celebrated joyous times together with my friends. At the same time, I am grateful for my XU-JFINEX family for giving me the opportunity to serve the organization as the editor-in-chief of The Benchmark Publication, XU-JFINEX’s Official Publication.

On the other hand, I will remember, by heart, those times where I failed and made mistakes and eventually, learned life-lessons from those experiences. I’ve learned that failures are not the end of one’s journey because I realized that the sun would still shine. A new day is waiting ahead of me. Truly, shifting from Accountancy to Business Administration and eventually majored in Financial Management is a blessing in disguise. It was a path which I have not planned because I did not expect to shift to another course, especially Business Administration since people label it as just a mediocre course. In fact, there’s no college course that is easy to take. If I were not a Financial Management student, I would not be as knowledgeable as I am right now on relevant topics such as investment, economics, finance, and other issues in our society. If I were not a Financial Management student, I would not be able to meet instructors and mentors who have great minds and consequently, molded my intellect regarding Financial Management. Most importantly, if I were not a Financial Management student, I would not be able to unleash my potentials and my creative juices which led me to receive an award from the School of Business and Management, The DUX INTEGRATUS Award in the field of Business Administration major in Financial Management. This victory in attaining education is not about the destination, but rather the journey on the road I’ve taken.

Through education, we would be able to unlock not just the finest scintillating diamond but also, other precious gems which are essential for us to be equipped in the real world such as wisdom, compassion, knowledge, morals, ethics, and a lot more. Indeed, education is the only investment that pays a person the best interest and a thousand-fold more returns.


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