My Options Were Killed

Pag-asa or Paasa?

The 2016 Philippine Presidential election is fast approaching. Less than a month away, we would be given another chance to choose a rightful candidate who deserves the sit in The Malacanang Palace. However, the sit in that palace really doesn’t matter for the moment of truth would eventually come by the time the elected candidate would implement his or her plans and platforms as he or she promised such during the two Presidential debates. Yet, despite that May 9 is fast approaching, I am still in dilemma which Presidential candidate would I choose. I have 5 choices to select, but I am afraid that little by little, as a result of the recent events and actions shows by some candidates, I want to tell them that, “You have just killed my options.”

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I am a first-time voter. I became a registered voter last October 2015 sembreak when COMELEC established a satellite voter’s registration area in a mall here in our city. When I officially became a registered voter, I got excited knowing that I would be able to practice my right of suffrage. Yet, with this right, there’s a huge responsibility. Conversely, I am in a confusing situation at present. I don’t know which Presidential candidate would I choose. Honestly, I totally get fed out everytime a campaigning car or a multicab with several banging megaphones and loud speakers and large tarpaulins that have faces of the candidates, would go around our vicinity. I get irritated because they’re noisy. Besides, their jingles are very very korny. Hindi ba kayo nakokornihan sa sarili niyo when your jingles don’t even have a sense of originality. What’s more, the public is not even informed, in the first place, that you are aiming for the coveted Grammy’s Award. A round of applause! So much with the noisy vehicles campaigning around barangays, I am in dilemma at present.

Like me, I believe that we are already fed up with such things especially on the promises of candidates. All these years, they’ve been betraying us, voters. Marami nang mga paasa sa mundong ito. They’re like a man who is professing his love to a lady. During elections, candidates court us to vote them for the designated position in the government. Eventually, they would promise several things such as a better future and an improved state, if ever we would choose him or her for that position. Consequently, we trust this candidate very much. We made the decision to elect him or her for that position. However, some did not choose a candidate because a voter trusted him or her. Some were deceived not by the promises, but for the temporal satisfactions that this candidate has given to the voter through vote-buying. With this, what happened to the voter who chose this candidate as a result of trust and the voter who chose this candidate as a result of vote-buying? Like ladies who were left by their lovers, with promises that were not fulfilled, these voters suffered for a long-time as a result of their choices. In short, mga paasa! You see, our vote for this upcoming elections would truly bring an impact for a change in our country. The future of our country, especially for our future children and for the next generation, lies in our hands. It’s up to us to be deceived or to be vigilant and involved.


I am also fed up with a lot more things. The trapos, or the traditional politicians. Based on what we’ve witnessed throughout these years, you can see a politican who sees the government as a business and a politician who has his or her family members in certain government positions. I was also not informed that a politician is also like me who had experience in merchandising. Unlike me who buys merchandise at bulk and eventually sells it at a higher price for profit, this politician buys votes from the public and sells himself for profit in order to fulfill his personal selfish interests. Similarly, his favorite color is violet because he is a violator of human law and even human rights (I’m just joking about violet. Actually, I’m not referring to a certain political party with that color). He loves to uplift himself through posting tarpaulins with his name and face on roads where he indicated that he spent 6 or 7 digits for this project. Well, in fact, we just like to inform you that the money you’ve spent for that project actually came from the taxes we’ve paid, alright? For some, a candidate ran for that position amidst that she is still inexperienced in policy-making. She isn’t even knowledgeable regarding the basic principles about the the branches of the government. Well, I have heard that she has reservations for that. At the same time, a candidate is banking for one’s popularity, status, or through preaching one’s faith and not on one’s capability to serve the people.  Also, the politician is like a frog or bakbak, in Bisayan term, or mostly known as balimbing, who jumps from one party to another. He doesn’t have loyalty to that certain party. By the way, we don’t need loyal people, we need faithful ones (Hugot te?). Likewise, he might also have mastered the skill of pointing his fingers to his opponents in order to find faults during their administration. Worse, he is not as decent as other candidates. Whenever he wants to say something, he says it without thinking about it’s consequence. Tactless, indeed. Poor future investors and foreign leaders who seek to have ties in our country. What would they react if they would encounter such official in our country.

The problems in our country continue to multiply as time goes by. The list does not end. To name a few, the territorial dispute between China, the unresolved peace and order situation here in Mindanao, the environmental threats resulting from climate change, the security of the country, prominent substance abuse in the society, unceasing occurence of crimes, accustomed heavy traffic in urban areas, and you can add more, based from your experiences. I am still undecided because I am still questioning these candidates capability to handle such problems in an appropriate manner through abiding the law. Because of the things I’ve enumerated about the facts of politicians here in the Philippines, I realized that they have totally killed my options. Hopefully, they would be able to convince and persuade voters, like me, this April 24, the last presidential debate before the elections, in choosing the most deserving one. As I would then reflect, hopefully, he or she would be the one.

P.S: Let’s pray for our country, especially in this times where the Philippines mostly need us. The change we desire in our country does not only depend on the President. We also have a responsibility to be involved.


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