A Living Human or A Living Dead?

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In our lives, we would always experience events when we question ourselves and our purpose here on earth. Each day, a lot of challenges and trials come on our way. Eventually, we encounter several crucial junctures that would change our life. Then, we might ask: Are we really living our lives as a true human being or are we living our lives with a living body, yet embodied with a numb soul? With this, the movie Warm Bodies, played by the famous English actor, Nicholas Hoult where he played the renowned zombie named R, embodies this scenario. I just saw this movie yesterday. While watching this, I didn’t expect the plot of the movie. I realized that there are a lot of significant signs in the story which we could relate to our lives.

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We are not truly living if we don’t experience a single apocalypse that would eventually change our lives for the better or for the worse. The choice lies within us. Similarly, in the story, after we encounter an apocalypse and devastation in our life, there is a great tendency that we would forget ourselves just as what R experienced. We would forget our identity, we would become a different self, and we would fail to recall our purpose as a result of living our lives in order to please others instead of ourselves. Instead of living as a true human being, that is when we began to live like R and the rest of the zombie clan, a lifeless and numb soul embodied in a living body. We are considered as a living dead. Worse, when we eventually become discouraged and disappointed as a result of such events, there is a possibility that we would become like the boneys, the antagonists of human beings and zombies. These boneys are skeletons which are considered as the final decayed composition of the zombies. There are boneys that lie beneath us, darkness that continues to haunt our minds. When we feel discouragement in our lives as a result of failures and disappointments, and rejections, these inner boneys of ours would doom us to death. They are trapped within our soul. However, despite these, R still continued to dream in order to become a true human being that truly feels happiness and pain, and most importantly, love. Yet, sometimes, we are stuck in other things. We are stuck because we cannot let go of things that hurt us in the past. There are still walls that are built in our hearts which hinders us in reaching for our dreams as we fear for change. At the same time, there are people who don’t believe in our abilities. Like R where the soldiers just believed his authenticity when he bled after he got shot, just as when the person has proven something, that is the eventual time when we started to believe in him or her.

Truly, the movie Warm Bodies taught us that to be human, we must be able to feel things. We are not zombies who are limp and lifeless. As the famous Tagalog song says, “Tulad mo na may pusong bato.” Manhid. Rather, we are human beings that are endowed with emotions. R taught us that despite our gender or sexual orientation, it’s alright to show our emotions as it shows that we are human beings. Thus, when an apocalypse hits the best of us, R exemplified that we should also strive to show what we feel since feeling is an essence for healing. R showed that despite the difficulty to express our emotions, we would just become truly human if we would thaw our cold hearts and feel what our hearts says. Most importantly, our capability to love just happens when we breakdown the walls that are built from others, when we let go of our inner boneys that hinder us from reaching our goals, and when we take risks for a radical change. Eventually, when we do these not just for ourselves but for others, only then when we are transformed from a living zombie to a resurrection as a truly living human being.

Photo from quotesgram.com


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