Philippines, Soon-to-be The Next Venezuela?

I knew Venezuela as a result of watching Miss Universe and other international beauty pageants. I remember Venezuela winning 7 Miss Universe crowns and 7 Miss International crowns. Similarly, Philippines is already on the race in becoming the beauty powerhouse in terms of pageantry. Both of the countries excel in pageants as a way of giving honor and pride to the nation, despite the chaotic daily situations. On the other hand, there’s more we can see in Venezuela than what meets our eye.


I first encountered Venezuela’s economic situation during our Monetary Policy and Central Banking subject during my 3rd year in college. We were given a case in our final exam regarding Venezuela. And right now, I am afraid of the possibility of the Philippines becoming the Venezuela of Asia. I believe that it’s not just about eradicating drugs and crimes. Even U.S cannot completely eliminate crimes. Moreover, peace and order is also important. What about employment? How would we function if businessmen are discouraged to invest because of the government? With inflation, how could we afford to buy even the basic commodities? The list is unending. The hard-earned gains for 6 years might just be put into waste. Let’s admit that our nation still cannot stand on its own. Like Philippines, Venezuela is rich in terms of natural resources. But we failed to properly cultivate it. For now, let’s remember that those who don’t heed the lessons of history are bound to repeat it. We don’t have time to commit such mistakes again. Let it be in beauty pageants, but don’t let the Philippines become the next Venezuela, in terms of the government and the economy.


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