You’re A Gift From Up Above

A poem I wrote about my mother this Mother’s Day. To my mama Inday, thank you for everything. I love you and Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

You could have lived your life on your own

But you chose to take care of me without a frown

Conceived me in your womb happy

As you selflessly gave your life for me

The pain you felt when I came in this world

Went away as I cry in bold

Unceasingly provided my utmost needs

And gave your acts of loving deeds

You zealously wake up in the early hours of dawn

Tirelessly preparing our breakfast is no fun

But you did this for years without counting the cost

Even when your body is already at exhaust

When I’m in pain or in sickness

Your sacrificed yourself at its best

Your loving touch and your tender care is incomparable

With a love that is greatly insurmountable

I know there are times when I disobey your ways

Because of impatience, I carelessly say hurtful words to your face

I haven’t realized that it disheartens you deep inside

When I just eventually realized by the time it has subside

I am sorry if I have said those words

I am sorry if at times, I have cursed

I forgot those selfless things you’ve done for me

I know I’ll realize these when I myself will play your role one day

But in the end, I’m grateful for imparting those words of wisdom

During the time when I am lost and when I have been stumped

I will always remember those timeless lessons

Even when this world would already be gone

As I face the real world soon and even though I might part

Your acts and your love would remain in my heart

Ma, these words I’ve said would not equate your acts of selfless love

I want to say I love you because you’re a gift from up above



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