Sunday Currently | 01

I have seen about Sunday Currently from Maine Mendoza’s blog. I have been curious about this, so I read about it. It’s interesting to write your thoughts every Sunday as it is also the time to unwind one’s thoughts. As Maine said, I’ve thought of joining the bandwagon. My first Sunday Currently. (If you are interested to write about Sunday Currently, don’t forget to credit siddathornton’s link). 😉



Posts on my news feed about the elections tomorrow. I am already fed up because I decided to also halt my election-related posts last Friday. But as they say, intelligent people ignore.


About the Momentous Time Of The Philippines. Check it out. 🙂


Television news. I am just listening, not watching, because I can hear from our sala about election-related news.


About the next President of the Republic of the Philippines and the future of this nation.


Food from the kitchen after lunch time.


For a peaceful election and for a deserving President who would be given a sit in the Malacanang Palace


That Duterte would not win in this election. But I don’t think so. With his appeal and popularity to the Filipino masses, there’s a huge probability that he will win. Welcome to the People’s Republic of the Philippines.


Lately, I wore a black pencil skirt, white blouse, and black flats. Lectors were sponsors during the morning mass here in our parish.


That I have been involved in church activities. There’s real joy in serving God. ❤


To have a bonding time with my friends this week.


A job after my 21st birthday this Tuesday. Hopefully, the two financial institutions I’ve applied for would call me regarding the results of my nerve-wracking final interview. Fingers-crossed.


Real happiness in serving the Lord and love during this Mother’s Day together with my family.

Let’s pray for the future of the Philippines. God is still in the throne no matter who sits in the Malacanang Palace. 🙂

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