Metamorphosis (noun)
: a major change in the appearance or character of something

We usually see caterpillars in our gardens. We observe them crawling in our plants or in the trees. These caterpillars spend a few days as these green worm-like creatures. At times, they undergo through sunny weathers and stormy times and only a few of them endure such exposures. Eventually, when they are all ready, they make their own silk coverings called cocoons to protect them as they grow. In the right time, these caterpillars inside the cocoon would transform into exquisitely beautiful and colorful butterflies. In biology or science in general, this process is called metamorphosis which signifies a major change in the form of animals, specifically insects, as it enters a new phase of their existence. Like these ravishing butterflies, most of us undergo through a metamorphosis at a specific point of our lives.

As I turn 21 today, this likewise marks the beginning of a new administration of my country, the Philippines. It cannot be denied that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has caught the hearts of the Filipino people, even before he filed his candidacy until the remaining campaign periods, despite his unorthodox way of ruling his city and soon, the Philippines. Even though I was rooting for Mar Roxas for the presidential position, I have already accepted the fact that the soon-to-be iron-fist president would top the election tally. At least, I put my vote for the yellow army even though the Daang Matuwid bet did not win.

Because we know that the PDP-Laban Party bet would soon occupy the Malacanang Palace, I am just pondering right now on how he would be able to change this country through his political will and through the resources our nation have. As one political analyst said during an interview on a television channel, he said that soon-to-be President Duterte (I am still not used of the President part) should strike a balance between continuity and change. From my point of view, this balance pertains to changing our country’s negative aspects while at the same time, continuing our morals as Filipinos and our noteworthy reputations to the international arena. Indeed, this is also similar to our life. In the same way, this first day of my 21st year is remarkable. I could recall that I have been through sorrow and bliss in my life. I realized that I have gone through a lot of experiences, good or bad ones, which changed me for the better. I have met people which served both as blessings or curses for me. In the end, I am grateful for these things because I have been equipped with life-lessons. They say that we’re not getting younger. However, I am proud that I am already 21 years old for I am another year stronger and wiser. Most importantly, amidst these several changes in my life, what I strive to remain until the end of my days are my principles and values in life, my kindness and helping-hand to others, and my priority to God in my life who is situated at the core of my existence. My gratefulness simply means that I owe everything that I have to Him, especially my life.

At this moment, as the Commission on Elections still continues to tally the votes of the candidates, it is undeniable that Mayor Duterte and soon, President Rodrgio Duterte won. At first, I was disappointed by the results. I was hoping for a game-changer or a miracle. Yet, right now, I am happy that Mayor Digong brought home the bacon. I admire Senator Grace Poe, Senator Chiz Escudero, and Senator Sonny Trillanes for acknowledging their defeat and for congratulating those who won. Hence, this should already end the mudslinging and nitpicking among the people, especially among the netizens, in social media. As he said, “Let’s be friends. Let’s forget the travails of the elections.” Like caterpillars who went inside cocoon to undergo change and eventually emerged as beautiful butterflies, may we Filipinos become better citizens so that we would emerge as a better Philippines, or even the best! It is time for us to reunite and to support our government’s endeavors as we are doing this not for our own interests, but for our beloved motherland. May the new administration not fail the Filipinos and eventually, gain assurance and trust from the public. May we still exercise our rights and our freedom as a democratic country. May we be able to continue our positive achievements and to uplift the lives of our fellow impoverished countrymen who are living in the suburbs. Let’s change this country through each one of us and let’s continue to uphold our positive identity as Filipinos. God bless us and God bless the Philippines!


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