Polished Diamond

Cover photo from karousing.com

Thank you for deceiving me with your lies

I never knew you were a ninja narcissist in disguise

If I just knew everything beforehand

I would not have replaced my stand

You said that you are different among them

But that reason of yours is just lame

These words coming from your mouth is a shame

For someone like you who is just aiming for fame

I have spent lonesome nights in vain

I never knew that everything I gave would cause me pain

Truly, when the mask eventually falls off

The heart becomes hard, from once a soft

Cheated because of physical desires I cannot give

I am not a typical woman that easily believes

Be happy because she could finally give herself to you

For matters that would just easily fade, one day, as it’s untrue

You think that being a dodger would make you a confident man?

You think that being a finackler would make you a tough one?

Well, a true gentleman knows the essence of being faithful

Not like you who is so breezy like a fool

Love is really blind as they say

Because all those times, I didn’t trust what my eyes said in dismay

It could have been reasonable if you’re a Tom Cruise material

But sadly, you’re a frog prince as essential

Now, I just laugh out these things that I’ve thought before anyway

Now, I’m slowly cutting out my flaws away

One day, you would be in desolation

That you have polished a diamond during your confusion


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