To My Bestfriend

When you came into this world, I thought that you were the cutest creature on this planet.


I always find ways to snatch you from your mother’s breast and carry you even when your mother would get angry to me, at times.


I wished that you would not grow up. I wished that you would just be like that, a cute furry little pup.


But like any living creature, you need to grow up. Weeks passed and you are starting to see the world. You attempt to crawl outside your comfort zone.




I always laugh when you bark because you are so adorable


Whenever I walk, you always lick my toes because you are trying to catch my attention.


Then, months passed, you started to annoy me in your silly little ways like snatching my slippers without my knowledge and putting it elsewhere like playing hide and seek. You are messing with the papers at the side, leaves and sticks at the backyard, plants at the garden, or trash you see at the garbage bin.




When my patience ran out, I wanted to slap you but as you stare your pitiful eyes, I had second thoughts of hurting you.


As you grew older, you managed to guard our house, day and night. You are tireless. I wonder where you got your energy.



You sleep like a baby during the day and stay awake at night like a vigilant law enforcer.



When I bring some of your favorite treats, you are trying hard to catch your favorite snack. Then, when weekdays come, as I would leave the house for school, you stare to me at the gate for a long time until my shadow disappears.


By afternoon or night, as I eventually arrived at our home, you’re the happiest creature that I ever knew. You shout and you constantly jump for joy. Despite the long hours of waiting for me, you still managed to cheer me up.



As I was about to retire for the night, I saw you outside. All you did is to love us more than you loved yourself. We might not understand what’s deep inside of you, but in the end, you are our best friend. Despite such short life you will live, the paw prints you’ve left will always be indelibly marked in my heart.



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