Sunday Currently | 02

Today is Pentecost Sunday and at the same time, the feast of San Isidro Labrador. Happy Fiesta to the patron saint and Happy Birthday to the Roman Catholic Church. It has really been a challenging yet fun day. It was challenging because after I played my role as a reader during the 7:30am mass at our parish of the Immaculate Conception, we went to a fiesta at Calacapan which is also near our vicinity. Along with one of the parish priest Father Nino and othe parishioners, we attended a 2nd mass at 10am which Father Nino celebrated and after that, went to my ex‘s house for the fiesta. Why ex’s house? Simply because his mother is also my companion as a reader at our parish. Challenging for I have my brunch (I hate skipping breakfasts) and I was afraid that I would be put into hot seat, but thank God, it didn’t happen. On the other hand, it was fun because in the afternoon, I went to my close friend’s house in Kauswagan for their fiesta. We ate lots of crabs and delicious foods. Don’t mention the cholesterol and uric acid. Haha.



Cinema schedules in malls for Mondays and Tuesdays. Tomorrow is Movie Mondays again with the senior citizens. Taking advantage of libres while I’m still unemployed.


Today’s Sunday Currently


To our little dogs barking and playing with each other.


About the two potential companies that might call me this week for employment. *Fingers crossed* I am really praying!


The scent of Downy Passion from my hands after doing laundry for the amazing treasures I got from ukay-ukay.


That I would have a job this month. That the companies I’ve applied for, especially the ones I already had a final interview, would call me and say to me, “You’re hired!”


Again. That the two companies would call me this week. 😦


Pink pajamas and white sleeveless. I’m about to sleep.


This day that I ate crabs from the fiesta.


To already have a job. 😦


A job. </3


Pressured that my close friend was hired after 2 days. What about me? 😦

I’m really praying hard right now that I would hear those two words, “You’re hired!”

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