One Day, You’ll Look Back And Wonder Why You Let Me Slip Away

Inspired from a Thought Catalog article.

As Regine Velasquez said, “You’ve made me stronger by breaking my heart. You ended my life and made a better one start. You’ve taught me everything from falling in love and letting of our lies.” I am thankful for the 10 months I spent with you. Yet, those 10 months was still not enough, not to mention the aftermath you’ve brought after that messy break-up resulting from your cheating and lies.

I realized right now that if not for you, I wouldn’t be able to value myself right now. I would not be able to remember the person that I was, before you invaded and infested my beautiful and peaceful life. You were just one of the boring people in this world who have nothing to do but stab a person’s heart and then leave that person to death. Fortunately, I am grateful that I survived such trauma you brought. I rose from such tragedy, healed those wounds, and reminded from the scars you committed. I became stronger through such things. I’ve moved forward and realized you were a dark poison wrapped in a cheap deceitful wrapper. Window-dressed!

You have belittled me because I was still an ordinary college student during that time. However, I worked my ass off and I graduated in college. At present, little by little, I’m one step closer in achieving my dreams. What you’ve thought about me and the way you looked down on me before is one of the greatest things you will regret.

There might be a time when you would kneel down to me for another chance, but you’re already a century late. I’m not the same as I used to be. All the mentally deranged tactics you’ve put on has changed me. I’ve learned and I’m wiser than I was before. “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” was already embedded in my mind. You no longer fit in my splendid life because I deserve better. I would just laugh on those things I’ve been through and clap on how you finally made a mess in your life because you thought that it would bring you bliss.

Well, right now, I am already in the running to reach the place of my dreams. One day, when I would stand taller, when I would walk with pride, when I would strut with confidence, when I would hold my head up high, and when I would lavishly my live, you will just say, “Sayang na sayang talaga.” One day, you’ll look back and wonder why you let me slip away.



7 thoughts on “One Day, You’ll Look Back And Wonder Why You Let Me Slip Away

    1. Thaaaank you maafff! Thank you also for following my blog. 😀 Do speak Visayan? 🙂 Anyway, I just poured out my emotions here. 😉 But it’s still important for us not to be chained by the past. Making the past as our reference point is good, but it’s not a good place to live and settle there. Rather, we should use these valuable lessons for us to become better individuals. 😉

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      1. Haha no prob. Thank you also for following me :)) and yes, i speak Visayan ’cause from neg.or jud ko hahha. ikaw sad?
        TRUU. Thank you for doing this post, it’s very empowering and should be read by everyone ’cause you are definitely on point here. ❤

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