Sunday Currently | 03

It’s already been 3 weeks ever since I wrote my last Sunday Currently. A lot has happened during the last 3 weeks. Right now, I’m happy that one company I applied for really saw my worth. I was already handed a job offer last Friday which I accepted. My 1st day of work was not yet negotiated. However, I’m still in a confusing situation right now because I would have a 3rd interview with a prominent financial institution in our country. I don’t know what’s in store for me tomorrow because it’s 3rd interview! Normally, for an employment application, one would just have 2 interviews. I’m still in a dilemma right now knowing that I was already accepted in a company and on other hand, I have an interview with a bank where they would probably assign me in the Loans and Documentation Department. It’s kinda scary! I don’t know what’s in store for me soon. Moreover, since I’m still a fresh graduate, I know that I don’t have the right to complain regarding my tasks and responsibilities on my first job. Duh, I’m an ordinary fresh graduate, not a fresh graduate from the most prestigious university in the country who graduated with honors and pursued an internship from the most coveted multinational company in the world.

I would always put in my mind what my Human Resources instructor in college said that as a fresh college graduate, you should first seek for experience. For me, if I’m fortunate, then I would grab that opportunity to remain in the company in the long-run. Yet, I still pray for my dreams that it would turn into a reality in the near future. ❤


Articles from my Facebook newsfeed regarding Duterte’s ban on private media companies on his DU31 rally yesterday. -.-


Today’s Sunday Currently


Alcohol from cleaning my earphones, used by other people. That earwax though.


That I wold make a right decision in choosing my first job. Hopefully, He would lead me to the right path because I know He has better plans for me.


For this country to be peaceful soon.


A high-waist skirt, a loose brown knitted blouse, a floral blouse underneath, a green necklace, and brown sandals.


That I already have offered a job in a company.


To make a peaceful life.


A peace of mind.


Happy and loved after going to Sunday mass. ❤

God bless to myself for another interview tomorrow and God bless to my first job soon! 🙂

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