Why Jesus Christ Wants To Be A Priority In Your Life

In this world today, everyone wants to be put first. In a relationship, a girlfriend always wants to be a priority by his boyfriend, no matter what. When we fall in line or go to a government agency to obtain our IDs or clearance, each one of us always want to be placed as first in the priority numbers. For students, they develop time management by setting important priorities and by accomplishing urgent tasks.

From these, have we asked if we prioritize Jesus Christ in our lives especially during this confusing time?

In our era at present, only a few of us would place God at the center of our life.

During weddings, a couple gets so busy first with the organizers, invitations, guests, entourage, program, reception area. Yet, the question is, have they invited God in the first place? Have they thought that without God in the core of the relationship, marriage won’t definitely work?

When you would ask a mother regarding the reason that her 1-year old child has not yet been baptized, she would answer that the pig they’ve raised at their backyard is not yet fully grown for the celebration. What if this pig would die during the duration? Would there still be a baptism that would commence?

When you would ask a college student why she did not go to church last Sunday, she would either say that she was studying for her exam on Monday or she was busy washing her clothes that were already due for 2 weeks.

These things might be funny, but indeed true. We have several reasons for not setting aside our time for God because we consider such excuses as valid ones.

You might already scratch your head and ask why Jesus Christ wants to be a priority in our lives.

Following Jesus Christ’s acts and teachings are hard. He said that “Whoever wishes to come with me must deny himself, take up one’s cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24).” It is truly very hard in our present time when we are taught to be selfish instead of being selfless and to follow the bandwagon instead of embracing our uniqueness.

Then why does Jesus Christ wants us to be a first priority in our life? It’s because when we follow Him, we completely see a different picture of the world apart from anyone else. When we think of Jesus Christ, we truly live by His teachings. We are contented with our lives, we seek for good relationships with others, we make sure that we treat other people well and help those who are in need, we become sensitive with the needs of others instead of ourselves first, and we become conscientious individuals.

Yet, let’s always remember that He did not make us so that we would get comfortable with the mundane and transitory possessions in this world by making heaven on earth. Heaven is not made for the earth. That’s because unlike animals who are made just for earth, we human beings are made for heaven. Unless you make hearing from God a priority, our ears will only hear the world’s distractions.

Thus, regardless of the career path or professions that we follow, whether we work as bankers, teachers, law enforcers, lawyers, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, or just living as an average individual, above all, we should strive to make Jesus Christ as our priority by placing Him at the core of our lives. Let Him be a first priority in our decision-making and a first place in our heart because when we prioritize His presence first, everything else in our life falls into its proper place.

Inspired by the homily of Father Janusz Burzawa, SCJ last June 26, 2016 Sunday Evening Mass held at Immaculate Conception Parish, Aluba, Upper Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City.

Cover image from serviamministries.com


3 thoughts on “Why Jesus Christ Wants To Be A Priority In Your Life

  1. So true. There are so many in the church today who struggle hard with putting him first. People who on the outside look like the typical strong Christian, I have noticed can struggle intensely with not putting him first in their hearts. Usually it’s mundane things that keep their hearts away from Jesus as their number 1…sports, their house, their marriage, their kids, a new car. To God, all it is is just idolatry for anything that is above him in our lives. But if we want to be a follower of Jesus, he will only accept us as number 1 in our hearts, otherwise, he’d rather we leave him and not love him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this one @Joel! 🙂 We really face a lot of distractions today. Honestly, as a young person, I still struggle with it especially that I face several distractions, more likely on social media. Yet, if we just seek Him everyday, we will always be strengthened. God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Joie! Honestly even as I got older, the distractions were still there. Plenty of people my age addicted to FB, IG, etc. And if it’s not social media, it’s something else (sports, TV, even blogging) It really just comes down to human beings easily set up idols in their hearts, but like you said, if we just seek Him everyday, we will overcome and be close to him 🙂 God bless you today!! And keep writing, great stuff!


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