When Working In A Bank Is Like A Friendship

Just as Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach said that being a Miss Universe is both an honor and responsibility, so is working in a banking institution. When you get to know a person and eventually made friends with him or her, it is truly an honor because you are given the chance to unfold the unique qualities and story of this individual. As you get to know him or her in a deeper level, one has a great responsibility to nurture that friendship. The person trusted you on his or her personal life. Because of this, you really have to take care of the trust he or she has given to you because of its fragility. Once it breaks, it would be hard to regain that trust or worse, it will never be the same again.

Similarly, friendship is like working in a bank because banking is a business made out of public trust. Just as how the breakdown of a friendship would affect not only the individuals involved but also others who might know the story, the loss of trust from the public to these financial institutions would affect the larger economy since money is considered as the nation’s blood. Without money circulating in the economy, businesses would not function efficiently because the public would just keep their money rather than spend it.

So how does this relate to my work at United Coconut Planters Bank? It is truly an honor that the respected officers from the Makati Head Office gave me the opportunity to work in UCPB. A lot of people, most especially fresh graduates like me, are aspiring to work in a reputable universal banking institution in the Philippines such as UCPB. Hence, currently as a trainee for the position of Loans Documentation Specialist of this prestigious banking institution, my responsibility is to preserve the trust that this company has given to me. Just as when your friend shares his or her biggest secrets to you, my task is to keep important information entrusted to me by the clients as a confidential one. Whatever I do would not only affect my credibility and identity as a person but most importantly, the organization and the bank as a whole.


In line with this, as UCPB’s logo conveys an infinity sign that represents two hands that are clasping with each other, it is a representation for me and for the rest of the organization to build friendships with the clients. Yet, just as how the few qualities of our friend changes at times because of the daily events he or she encounters, our task is to be a partner by catering to the dynamic changes of the market’s needs so that we would become a better companion for others.

Changes are inevitable because it is the only constant thing in this world. Moreover, despite the changes that might come, both in a positive and in a negative way, in whatever endeavors we make especially in committing to any kind of relationships such as friendships, we should always be reminded of that simple yet enormous responsibility we are always tasked to do.

Cover image from fotosby.wordpress.com


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