I’m Over You And It Feels So Good To Say It And Finally Mean It!

You saw that I am online in Facebook. You sent a message to me saying your warm regards. It was a normal message for me. I don’t anymore feel jittery whenever you send messages to me online. I don’t anymore analyze every word you say because it doesn’t have any meaning to me anymore. I can already put my phone to silent mode at night so that I would restfully catch some z’s.

It feels so good that I am already free from the chains that bonded me.

I’m not anymore the one who writes long messages in your chatbox, just to say what happened to me during the day. I’m not anymore the one who writes long love letters just to give it to you during your homecoming. I’m not anymore the one who is like a fool that constantly thinks of her other half all day. I’m not anymore the one who cries at night because she feels the loneliness and desperation. I’m not anymore the one who is always thinking regarding what he is doing right now or who is he with at present.

I’m not that girl anymore.

I’m not anymore that girl who seeks attention from you and who always desires to say beautiful and sweet words to me, without thinking rationally if those where really a fact or just a white lie.

I’m glad that I don’t think of you anymore right now. When I see you, I can look at you without feeling nervous. I can look at you with her and not feel any bitterness. I’m glad that you’re happy with her.

I can be with your mom without discussing you in our conversations. I can pass by your house whenever I jog and not feel anything.

I’m glad that I am finally in control with my life right now. I can do things with my own will and decision and without someone dictating me. You’ve made me stronger. This strength made me a beautiful and independent woman. You’ve polished me to be the best version of myself.

I still listen to love songs, not because I think of you. I usually see men in uniform in the televisions and in the streets, but I just see the signs behind their attire, not because it reminded me of you. I jog every morning, not because I wanted to see you running on the road. I still subscribe to unlimited calls and texts promos, not because I wanted to contact you. I attend Sunday masses, not because I wanted to impress you. I still post beautiful snapshots of myself, not because I wanted to catch your attention. I still do these things, but not because of you.

I’m happy to say these things because now, I’ve moved on. I am moving forward to the spectacular surprises which life has to offer me. I’m over you and it feels so good to say it and finally mean it.

Inspired from a Thought Catalog article



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