Sunday Currently | 05

The gospel this Sunday is truly very relevant to the events that are happening in my life, specifically to my family. It has been a chaotic weekend for our neighbor as our family began to have fights. And now we’re starting over again (Let’s sing!). It’s really hard to adjust to situations because you’re in a dilemma if you would either fight them or just ignore them. In my mind, I already stabbed them to death. Yet, I know that it’s not the right thing to do. So as the saying goes, intelligent people ignore!


Thought Catalog articles from my Reader in wordpress.


Today’s Sunday Currently after a month and an article relating with today’s gospel which is about greed, selfishness, and earthly possessions.


Downy Passion after handwashing my newly bought clothes from U.K. 😛


That we would achieve peace within our neighbor which is also our family. Hopefully, they would have a change of heart and mindset.


For a new beginning tomorrow as a new day for another month would commence. I’m excited to see my new companion at work. 😀 I would gladly and warmly welcome her at our workplace for the next few years.


That I’m spending my time with people especially friends and meeting new individuals.


To have a new high-waisted skinny jeans, black stilettos, and books.


Excited for tomorrow especially that I would have a new friend. Hopefully, she would be my partner in crime. 😛

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