When You Think It’s Just About Work, But It’s Not

After graduating, your family, your friends, and your circle are expecting you to land a dignified work. Most probably, one seeks a work that equates the individual’s educational attainment. Yet, in order to reach this goal, one needs to compete with the neck-and-neck labor market. Your classmate or even your best friend becomes your competitor. Eventually, after the long month or months of waiting, you are called by the employer, usually the HR Manager, for that coveted job offer. Without thinking twice, like a girl being asked by her boyfriend for marriage, you said your biggest yes for the job. In your mind, you were already thinking of your salary and your wants. However, the journey does not end here. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

The 16th of this month is my 2nd month of employment in a reputable universal banking institution here in the Philippines. Never in my wildest dreams would I thought that I would be working in a bank after graduation. Yet, I believe that God has a plan why He placed me in this company. More than that, working here for 2 months was already a great achievement for me. I have gone through challenging days which I consider as valuable experiences for me as a fresh graduate.

During my first days and weeks of my work, I really struggled in dealing with the people in the company. Yet, I really took time to bond and to talk with them. Little by little, I was able to adjust with our company’s culture and to easily get along with them despite their diverse personalities. Moreover, there will always be hard people because in the real world, you have to work with people, even if you don’t like them. Because of this, I was just always thinking that one must always have a good attitude in dealing with other people, no matter if they are your boss, your co-worker, or even the janitor or guard. I believe that this truly matters because you will never know when they would help you. Likewise, having social connections is important in this time.

Even though that during my first week of working was just about filing papers and organizing folders, I still do other tasks that need to be done. As long as you work within the parameters of your job, one needs to have the initiative to do things without being asked by others.
In my job in the Loans Department, I always deal with lots of paper works. Since I won’t always remember every paper that I read, I make sure that I organize them and keep them in secure places so that they won’t be lost.

Being a new employee is like being a freshman in college. What’s more with me that I am a fresh college graduate? With this, I make sure that I always listen to others, especially with my department head or bosses, regarding the tasks and responsibilities that I am obligated to do. I still have a lot to learn in the real world.

When you are organized, you get things done easily. Even though organizing takes time and effort, you will know that in the long run, you would eventually benefit from this investment of time and effort. Time would be saved and your efforts would truly be appreciated.

My job as a Loans Documentation Specialist in the consumer section of our department is not an easy task. One needs to have the initiative and motivation to get things done. If you are not an organized person, you won’t really love your job. For me, even though my job is really stressful especially that I need to really smoothen out the previous works, in my mind, I always envision that one day, I would be able to contribute a system where everything would be hassle-free and stress-free. One day, I would be able to pave this bumpy road and make it the best one.

Lately this afternoon, I cried because I got reprimanded by our Loans Officer. Emotions got the best of me and I took it hard. I know that it’s really unfair because she is treating me differently among workers in the company. Yet, I learned not to show my emotions in the office. I just walked away, cried at the bathroom, and went out like nothing happened. It’s easy to say, but it’s hard when you’re already in that situation. You need to have a presence of mind.

Likewise, I learned not to deal with office politics, office gossips, and office critiquing because it just shows your insecurity as a person. I’ve learned to shy away from such negativity. I am paid by the company not to deal with such things, but to be productive in my work.

In the real world, your core as a person would really be tested. You would always deal with people that have various beliefs and principles. For me, I am grateful that I get to know these people and their opinions because I get the opportunity to understand others as well. However, I am still in the process of staying true to my foundation as a person while at the same time, bonding and getting along with them in an appropriate way.

Even though I studied from a prestigious Jesuit University for 16 years since pre-school, I never complained in every task which my boss and my colleagues give to me. I know that this small things would teach me the greatest lessons. I learned that you could have good grades in college and you might have graduated with honors, but if you don’t have a good attitude, you won’t be happy with your work.

So, if you think that working is a tranquil task, think twice. When you think it’s just about work, it’s just really isn’t it. Be prepared because this is just the beginning of a journey that is full of curves and curls.

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