That Miss In Cagayan de Oro

People who personally knew me really know that I am an avid fan of beauty pageants because I for one aspire to become a beauty queen. I still don’t know how or when. Maybe soon or not. Only a few people know that and now that I am saying it here, right now, you already know my secret. 😛 Anyway, I usually watch beauty pageants in television or in YouTube. I watch these beauty pageants because I am always inspired by these brave women who really gave their all in order to get the most prestigious crown.

Because of that, it was a great opportunity for me to watch Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 last night. It was my first experience to watch a live pageant in front of my very eyes. What’s more, I was seated at the VIP area. I bought 2 tickets from my co-worker which she only sold for Php150 each, so I paid her Php300 for these 2 tickets. It was her prize when they joined an event at a local restaurant here in our city. She was not interested so she sold it to me. Furthermore, it was a memorable experience for me to watch 12 beautiful Kagay-anons as each one of them serve as an inspiration for other people.

My motivation to really not miss this event was because of Mr. Jonas Antonio Gaffud, the famous beauty queen maker. By the time I knew that he would come in the city to judge this prestigious event, I was really very excited. I really waited for him to sit in the judge’s table. So, when I already saw him making an entrance, I was really constantly slapping my friend’s (Wendy) chubby arms because it was really a kilig moment! I just see his pictures in social media and now, he is just inches away from me since I was sitting near the judges. I was really always looking at him on how he closely watches each candidate projecting themselves on stage.

Mama J making kaway to me on stage. Ru. Haha. ❤

I didn’t take lots of pictures during the event itself since I wanted to enjoy the show and to witness closely what really happens in a live pageant.

The annual Miss Cagayan de Oro is usually held at Limketkai Mall Atrium. It is one of the activities in line with the city fiesta for Sr. San Agustin, the Patron Saint of Cagayan de Oro. Our city annually commemorates the Higalaay Festival. Higalaay is a Visayan word for friendship as it reflects our city which is famously known as “The City of Golden Friendship.”



Candidate #1 – Sherlyn Legaspi Doloriel (My classmate in college)
Candidate #11 – Karla Jamodiong Estorba (My classmate and batchmate in college)

The opening is really very energetic because of the opening dance number of a dance group from Liceo de Cagayan University which is The Liceo Next Moves. This was eventually followed by the entrance and an opening dance number from the 12 gorgeous candidates with their casual wear.


I was excited for the most-awaited swimsuit competition. However, when candidates went out and walked on-stage, I realized that it was awkward especially that I seated in front of the stage, since they are only wearing their two-piece swimsuit. It made me reflect if I really wanted to join beauty pageants. Haha. Yet, I also saw that these candidates are really very disciplined in taking care of themselves as it shows in their amazing bodies.


I was in awe when I saw the spectacular gowns which the candidates wore. Each candidate’s gown is really very unique which makes each one of them truly stand out. Aside from that, you could really see their personality behind the design of the gown. Likewise, my favorite part during the evening gown competition was the lights and the sparkling ball at the top which makes the ambiance a memorable one for every queen.


The question and answer portion of any beauty pageant could really make or break a candidate. It’s also my favorite part since you could really see the substance of the candidate.

I like the preliminary question and answer portion of Miss CDO 2016 since candidates would be given a specific topic where they would be able to express their thoughts and opinions regarding the given current issue or event. It was like the preliminary question and answer potion of Miss Philippines Earth 2016 which is the hashtag portion.

These are the topics given to the candidates:

  1. Long-Distance Relationship
  2. Expectation Versus Reality
  3. Social Media Explosion
  4. Want Versus Need
  5. President Rodrigo Duterte
  6. Sound Mind And Body
  7. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  8. Education Amidst Poverty
  9. War On Drugs
  10. Miss Universe in the Philippines
  11. Equal Opportunity For All
  12. *I forgot the last topic*


The Final Question And Answer for the Top 5 Candidates was just the same among the 5 of them. It was a question asked from Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar S. Moreno. The question was, “If you would reside in another city, which city would it be and why?” No candidate has the same answer for this question.


Photography credits from Miss Cagayan de Oro Facebook Page



Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 is Miss Sherlyn Legaspi-Doloriel. She is currently a 4th year Business Administration major in Marketing Management student at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Her answer for the final question and answer portion was really genuine. She said that she is a traveler and a licensed scuba diver. She said that she would choose Palawan. Yet, in the end, she would not replace Cagayan de Oro because it is where her heart is.

Mama J, embracing Sherlyn, as she is about to wear the sash and be crowned as Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016

I was happy because indeed, someone from Xavier University bagged the Miss Cagayan de Oro crown after 7 years. She was my classmate in our Operations Management subject in 3rd year. I really never would have thought that my former sitmate and groupmate would eventually be Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016. Congratulations Sherlyn! I’m very happy for your success.

Likewise, I’m truly amazed because my classmate and batchmate, Karla J. Estorba, candidate #11, was the hakot-awards candidate. Also, candidate #4, Ana Monica P. Tan, is a graduate of BS Biology from Xavier University and my batchmate in Xavier University High School.

Photography credits from Miss Cagayan de Oro Facebook Page | From L-R: Toni Guillermo (3rd Runner Up), Alan Marie Agot (1st Runner Up), Sherlyn Doloriel (Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 Winner), Ana Monica Tan (2nd Runner Up), and Angeliza Navarro (4th Runner Up)


The results for Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 was an unexpected one. Candidate #11, Karla J. Estorba, got almost all of the awards. However, during the announcement of the Top 5 candidates when only 1 spot was just left  in order to complete the roster for the Top 5, the audience and even myself thought that Candidate #11 would be called. Yet, a lot were shocked that she was not called. Moreover, I know that she is still happy because she did not went home empty-handed Life is really full of surprises.

Truly, as Mayor Oscar Moreno said during his message, these women should be looked up by everyone because they did their best to show their beauties despite their anxieties and fears. It’s really not easy to be on-stage, as you conquer your fear, because the public would either cheer or boo you.What matters most is that these 12 lovely candidates reflect the beauty of Cagayan de Oro in their own remarkable ways.

In the end, the court for Miss Cagayan de Oro 2016 are deserving to be declared as  winners. They serve as inspiration for everyone, especially for aspiring beauty queens, as they have showed to Cagayan de Oro their beauty and their willpower to reach their dreams. Surely, this would be an extraordinary year for them as they would be able to perform their specific duties and become role models for their fellow Kagay-anons.

Happy Fiesta Cagayan de Oro City! Viva Senyor San Agustin!


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