An Uncomfortable Love At Its Finest

It was only rarely at present that I had the chance to scan my Facebook newsfeed. It’s only every weekend where I had the opportunity to log-in to Facebook at our laptop. Because of this, as I scanned through my newsfeed with lots of “it’s about me” status, a friend of mine shared a photo of a feet wearing a sandals. However, what caught my attention was the blue and white garment. Perhaps, a long skirt. Then, I realized that it was the iconic uniform of the newly canonized, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta. So, I read about the details of the picture.


I was struck by the words. I wanted to cry because of this act. Mother Teresa showed her selfless love to others who mostly needed the shoes. It’s very uncommon for us at this time to be selfless especially when we are surrounded with a society that is constantly teaching us to focus more on our selves instead of others.

I was then able to reflect on the selfless love which my parent’s have shown to me for 21 years.

I would be able to compare my mama and papa’s love to Mother Teresa’s love. They have sacrificed their time and their life for us to live in this world.

By the time we were born, our mothers would mostly have a difficult time to sleep since we are usually awake at night or at dawn crying because of our hunger. When we are sick, our mothers would sacrifice their time so that they would be able to immediately accompany us at the hospital or at the doctor’s clinic for a check-up. She would also ask the food we desire to eat since we are sick. During weekends, even though she is still sleepy, she strives to wake up at four in the morning in order to prepare our breakfast. In the end, her hair would turn eventually gray yet she continues to show her love to us through her actions. Like Mother Teresa, my mother doesn’t complain doing such tasks that are not even a child’s play.

On the other hand, our fathers are mostly the breadwinners of our families. He would toil whole day in order to provide our basic needs and at times, our wants. He would then happily bring home a pasalubong, usually our favorite treat or food, just to see us smile. Even if he is already tired, he is already happy seeing us enjoying the pasalubong he brought at home. At times, he cannot sleep at night as he is thinking of the deductions he would incur for the next month as a result of the loan he just availed in order to pay for the tuition fee of his children. He never complains if he doesn’t have anything for himself, as long as he is able to send his children to reputable schools. What he is thinking is that they would be able to have a bright future.

Sounds familiar, right?

I have come to clearly realize such things right now as I am already working for almost 4 months. Indeed, finding money to sustain our living is not a trouble-free task.

We thought that our parent’s are just living easily. In fact, they’re not. What they are always thinking is the welfare of their children. Thus, they continue to be selfless despite the pain they are experiencing.


Because of these, as my parent’s would celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary, I would always be grateful for them. Even though they are imperfect individuals, I felt blessed that I was made out of their love. I am mostly grateful because of the values they have instilled within me while I was growing up. They have guided us and molded us to become better individuals.

Evolution of Ma and Pa.jpg

In sum, I would not be where I am today if not for the selfless love they have given to me, similar to Mother Teresa’s. One day, we would soon become parents and we would then show our love to our children, similar to what our parents have shown to us. What they have been doing is uncomfortable. However, it is an uncomfortable love at it’s finest.


Cover photo taken at Don Arc Poblete, Beach Resort, Initao, Misamis Oriental



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