From A Promdi: Living For A Week In Metro Manila

For a promdi or probinsyano which is someone like me who lives outside the country’s capital, going to Manila is a dream for some. Likewise, it was a dream for me before since I usually get curious on the things and events that happen in the metro on a daily basis. I really wanted to see the tall buildings, most especially the Makati Business Center and the things you mostly see on television. I don’t know why but I just really get curious.

I first went to Metro Manila last September 29, 2015 to October 1, 2015 for the stock market challenge orientation and seminar held at Philippine Stock Exchange, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.


The first time I went to Manila last 2015

The second time was almost three weeks ago last September 2, 2016 to September 4, 2016 for our company’s training in relation to our work. Lastly and so far, my recent come back to Manila was last week, September 18, 2016 for our NEO or New Employee’s Orientation at the UCPB Head Office in Makati City. I just went home this afternoon from Manila and gratefully, I wanted to share my memorable experiences while living in the Metro.

Now, it was an exciting one since I will experience what it feels like to live in Metro Manila for a week.


At the hotel lobby before we checked out this morning

My employer booked our hotel accomodation for a week at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel situated at Makati Avenue, Makati City, in front of SM Marketplace. We were the first batch to try this hotel since the HR Department of the company wants to receive feedback from their accommodation. With this, from the range of zero to ten, I would rate the hotel’s service to 10. I am greatly satisfied with their service. For one, the ambiance of their rooms are very cozy. It feels like you are just living at your home, when in fact, you’re living in the city. Likewise, their housekeeping services are superb since after we went back to the hotel for our seminar, our room is already tidy again. The hotel swimming pool is superb. The hotel has 2 swimming pools, the other one is an infinity pool. At the same time, their amenities and facilities function well such as their hot and cold shower, their microwave oven, their heater, and their cable television. Lastly, when we seek for assistance or requests, they immediately respond to our queries. With this, if you would like to stay in the Metro or in Makati City, I would recommend that you should stay at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel. I, too, wanted to go back to them again, if ever I have plans to stay at Makati City.

My roomate, Kimberly or Kimbully. Haha.
Our awkward first day for the NEO


Before I arrived in Makati City, I was already nervous yet excited. I was excited since I got to meet new people most especially my colleagues and counterparts from the Head Office. At the same time, I was nervous because of the events that might happen during my stay in the city. From Day 1 to Day 6, I really learned a lot about the company and I learned about corporate branding from Ms. Julia Robillos and Mr. Ted Robillos who are exemplary and reputable speakers in the corporate branding industry. Also, I learned about the company’s table of organization and the unit’s and department’s functions in the bank. At the same time, I am very grateful that our Section Head really finds time to mentor us so that we would be able to perform with competence in our job. Similarly, I met and bonded with my other counterparts from the Loans Documentation Department. It was truly a worthwhile and memorable experience with them.

Dinner at Chicken Charlie together with my counterparts at the Head Office
Friday Badminton Bonding

Moreover, what truly struck  me the most was the last day which was yesterday. It made me realize how our company, UCPB, is very pro-active not only in delivering the best products and services to its customers, but also in investing their time and effort to us, New Employees, so that we would do our best in our job despite the challenges and difficulties we had faced and would still face during our stay at UCPB. As a fresh graduate who just landed her first job, gratefully in the coveted banking and finance industry, it made me realize that maybe, UCPB might already be my forever. Above all, I just continue to pray that Our Almighty Father would continuously give me the strength and courage as I face another day with my work.

New found friends




Our NEO Batch. ❤ I will miss them!


  1. By the time I arrived at NAIA, first time to ride a taxi ALONE from NAIA to the hotel.
  2. Eat at Subway Fastfood.
  3. Walk alone at the Makati Business Center.
  4. Going at the mall (Greenbelt, Glorietta, and Landmark) alone.
  5. First time to go at the Head Office
  6. Eat at the Head Office Executive Dining Room
  7. Ride a UV Express Service
  8. Went to Cubao’s Farmer’s Plaza and Araneta Coliseum
    Fish at Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao, Quezon City


  9. Went to Marikina City and see the Marikina River, Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish, Our Lady of the Abandoned Cemetery, and City Hall
    Old house at Marikina City, in front of the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish




    With my cousin, Uriel
    Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish
    With my cousin, Uriel and Camille
    Near the Marikina River
    The Marikina River
    Maria Quina Statue at Marikina River Park


    10. Went to Manila’s Binondo and Chinatown and bought the cheapest yet most stylish and trendy clothesA.JPG


Although there are a lot of opportunities in Manila since company’s and business hubs are mostly situated in the city, I still cannot imagine myself living in Manila. Yes, I wanted to go there but for vacations and business matters. The traffic is really a waste of time. I experienced eating my dinner at almost 11pm or 12 midnight, while in fact, the usual dinner time should be at 6 to 8pm. Not to mention the pollution contributed by the vehicles which might cause respiratory ailments. Aside from that, I really don’t feel secure everywhere I walk since you have to be keen and vigilant to your belongings. Also, as a person who has trust issues, I cannot imagine living there because of the several strangers who would take advantage of you. To name a few, these are the taxi drivers, the people you go with in riding a jeepney, and the MMDA traffic enforcers. It’s a said reality how a Filipino would just betray his or her fellow Filipino. It’s unfortunate how some would aggressively do something so that they would attain their goals, even if it means that they would step other people. Sadly, these are the truths.

Moreover, despite the negatives, what outweighs more are the positive events that I experienced together with my colleagues at UCPB and my batchmates at the NEO.

Living for a week in Manila is exhausting. Yet, despite the difficulties and the stress, it’s definitely worth it if you have memories shared from the people that truly matter most.



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