Book Review: The Purpose Driven Life By Rick Warren

We all have dreams in life which we seek to attain in the future. However, have we questioned if these dreams of ours were really our life’s purpose? Because of this, at times, we question, “What on earth am I here for?” We tend to fail in asking this question in our lives because of other things that bother us everyday. Yet, it is good to ask ourselves regarding the purpose of our life. Just like a new invention, you wouldn’t be able to determine its purpose if you would not ask the inventor.

With this, I began to read the book written by Pastor Rick Warren entitled The Purpose Driven Life. I first encountered this book when I was in 2nd year college. I just borrowed the book from a friend. However, I failed to finish it since I already returned it to her. Because of this, I decided to buy this book last June 2015 from National Bookstore which costs Php375.00. I had several attempts to continuously read this book without skipping a day. Ultimately, I finished reading the book without skipping each chapter last summer before I had my busy work life.

One would read the book within 40 days. I read one chapter per day. Depending on the person, I usually read the chapter by the time I wake up in the morning so that I would be able to reflect and ponder the message during the day.

There are guidelines in the book so that the reader would truly make the most out of spending his or her time with reflecting God’s word. After each chapter, there is a bible verse and a reflection question. I had a notebook so that I would be able to express my thoughts on what I have pondered after reading a specific chapter.

I wrote my thoughts in this notebook after reading each chapter

At the same time, this book is very relevant and timely for me because after graduating in college, one would then ask, “What’s next?” or “What’s in store for me in the future?” Because of this book, I was inspired to serve our church and our community. Today, despite my busy and hectic schedule as an employee from a banking institution, the words from this book helped me remember that a busy life without God is not worth living. I can really compare that my life changed by the time I began to serve Him. My life was very bland before I served our church. Likewise, I was able to understand others through our church because of the several members that I usually meet and encounter. Indeed, we are shaped for serving God and for glorifying Him through the skills and talents He has given to us.

We are given 24 hours a day and we must dedicate an ample portion of it to reflect our life’s purpose through this book. Similarly, the average life of a person is 25,000 days. With this, we should devote 40 days or 0.16% of our entire lives in order to determine our purpose in this world. How I wish this book could be read by every single living person so that he or she would be able to know his or her life’s purpose. Only then, we might have a better world to live in today.


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