Celebrating Christmas with a Mass at J.R Borja General Hospital

“Christmas happens when Jesus is born in our hearts.” These were the words which Father Szymon Bendowski said during his homily at a mass held at J.R Borja General Hospital this Christmas Day. Together with my fellow members from the Lay Dehonian Philippines – Cagayan de Oro Chapter, a lay group of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Congregation, we decided to hold a mass at the hospital for the patients and staff. Actually, our fellow member, Doctor Ninong Macoy, who is a physician at the public hospital, requested our spiritual director, Father Szymon, to hold a mass at the hospital for the patients.

Doc Ninong told us that it has been a long time ever since a mass was held at the hospital. He said that the patients had been yearning for this celebration.

The mass with the patients and staff is a worthwhile experience since we get to reach out to them spiritually this Christmas.

The mass was held at the hospital’s corridor situated at the 2nd floor
Together with Ate Love, who is also a member of the Dehonian Youth. She was also a participant during the World Youth Day 2016 last August held at Krakow, Poland. Likewise, Atty. Rosalie Grace Escobia led the choir.



Yours truly, the first reader and psalmist



Selfie after the mass. From L-R, Ate Love, Andrew, Atty. Grace, my cousin Joy, me, Doc Ninong, Ate Marian, Father Szymon, and Sister Karolina

After the mass, we had a simple fellowship held at the Sacred Heart Formation House at Aluba, Macasandig.


With the accountants.


Christmas lights from the Sacred Heart Formation House ❤
Simple token given by Father Szymon during the fellowship. What i love most is the cross of the Sacred Heart. Finally, I got one! ❤ 😀

May Jesus be born in your hearts this Christmas and for the rest of the year because where there is God, truly, there is love!


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