Finding Love Is Not My Priority

A lot of people today, most especially young individuals such as teenagers, are so busy in finding the so-called ‘forever’ person. Some are very preoccupied in finding love. Also, some are pressured of being left behind with what’s in the trend right now while some find love for fear of being alone. Some are socially pressured to be in a relationship. As a result of finding for love, they come to look for love at the wrong places at the wrong time

I have come to realize that you do not find love. Before a person should be in a relationship, one must strive to improve his or her character as an individual. Several individuals today encountered failures in relationships because of their partners not emotionally secured. Usually, this person has several wounds that are not yet healed.

In fact, being in a relationship with that person would not make you a complete person. Your worth as a person is not defined through other people’s eyes. You are the only one who could provide happiness and satisfaction. You are the one who should create that kind of happiness.

Likewise, I have come to realize that my freedom right now is a great blessing. Don’t think that being alone is a curse. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for us to enjoy our time with ourselves. Treat yourself such as going to the movies with your friends, watching series and telenovelas at home, indulging yourself with your favorite food, and pampering yourself with that rejuvenating massage.

At the same time, instead of lurking yourself with your loneliness, engage with other things that would make you feel productive such as doing voluntary works, helping other people, and devoting your time to improve yourself and acquire new skills. Do your best to be ready until that time when love already finds you.

Almost everyday, I am praying for that person which God has reserved for me because nowadays, we tend to create fantasies and illusions that this person is already the one, only to realize that he is not. Even though I have already finished my studies and am currently employed, finding love is not my priority. I have better things to do than to look for what God has already in stored for me in the future. So, right now, especially for the young individuals, do your best in your studies, strive to finish your college degree, find a dignified job, make your parents proud of you, become a responsible brother or sister, pursue your dreams and make them your goals, become a responsible citizen, and make a difference to the community. There is a right time for everything and when that time comes, only then love will come to you unexpectedly and it will take your heart by surprise.


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