An Open Letter To Myself This 2017

2016 had been a wonderful journey. Day by day, nothing changes. However, when you look back, everything is already different. Your life could be compared to the stock market chart. At times, when everything is in your favor, you went uptrend until you reached the peak which is your goal. Being at the top feels so good. Yet, there were also times where you went through the deepest trough, not knowing how you would be able to move forward again in order to go reach the top again. Despite such things, you are always grateful for the challenges and difficulties you have encountered because through such things, you were able to value how wonderful your life is.

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The most amazing goal you have reached in 2016 was when you made your parents and your family proud by graduating in college. What’s more, you made them even more delighted when you landed a job two months after graduation in a prestigious banking and financial institution in the country. This just shows how determined you are to stand on your own in order to become an independent woman.


Meanwhile, your determination to succeed was not only because of your parents but also to the people who betrayed you and who looked down on you in the past. Little by little, you were able to prove to them that you are capable of rising above the adversities in life.

While working for the past 6 months, you were always thinking of your dreams. Your dream  became dormant because you thought of yourself not deserving to become one. You were always selling yourself short. You always compare yourself to others because you think that they are more beautiful than you. Well, in fact, it is not. Beautiful lady, you have this amazing gift which He has given to you and that sets you apart from them. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Think of yourself as the beautiful child of the King. Moreover, don’t compare yourself to others. There will always be greater and lesser individuals than yourself. What you should compare is your old self, striving to become a better individual.

When 2016 nearly ended, the greatest gift you have received was when you became a regularly employee in the company. Looking back through your internship stage, you have toiled with blood and sweat through working countless hours, rendering overtime during the weekend, organizing documents, and straining yourself in front of the computer just to make sure everything would go smoothly. Although you still haven’t accomplished your goal, you believe that in the near future this year, everything would go in the right place. Through these things, you were able to prove yourself and to the company that you are deserving and you have the potential to contribute your talents, skills, and abilities not only to the company but also to the people behind it.

Right now, as you begin another year, your dreams start to ignite. The fire inside you begun to consume your heart with passion and determination to reach for the stars. Goals that may have seemed far away and out of reach eventually move closer and become attainable, not because your goals shrink but because you grow and expand to match them. Like before, you were just praying and thinking about these things to happen. Have you remembered when you were a fat kid being bullied by people because of carrying that extra pounds? Over a decade ago, I still remembered when you cried a bucket of tears in your bedroom while stomping your feet on the hardiflex wooden wall and banging your head over and over again because of your fat self. Eventually, you then set in your mind that one day, these people who bullied you would regret what they have said. You said to yourself, “I will strive to transform my body to a healthy physique.” Today, people are looking up at you on how you have transformed into the best version of you.

Right now, slowly, several things that you have just dreamed before started to become a reality. You are capable of doing amazing things. So, this 2017, never be afraid to take risks.


I know you were always afraid to speak in front of a crowd. You get jittery and anxious everytime you face a lot of people. Yet, whenever an opportunity to become a speaker knocks at your door, welcome that blessing and strive to become an inspiration to others.

Go out of your comfort zone. Don’t be overwhelmed when you would work for long hours just to accomplish a goal because your hardwork would always pay off in the future. Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.

Likewise, always be mindful of your finances. Live within your means. Don’t be jealous of what other people have and don’t compare your material possessions to others. What matters is you have healthy spending habits and you are saving for something in the future because you have better plans in mind.

Take care of yourself. Be disciplined by waking up at five in the morning to start your day through physical activity. Always eat healthful foods despite stressful situations because your body is your investment.

Be a sensitive and obedient daughter and sister. Always share your blessings to your family and help your parents. Think of the times they have worked so hard just to send you to a prestigious Jesuit university every since you began your studies. Now, it’s time to pay it forward and cherish the hardwork they have done for you.


Continue to serve the church and the community wholeheartedly and purposefully. Expand your horizons and become a blessing to other people. Think about the times He has helped you overcome the difficulties and has given you chances in your life. He is indeed a loving and merciful Father. Without Him, you would not be able to attain what you have achieved right now.

Be patient and be tough. There would always be times when people would push your buttons most especially in the office wherein you have to work with some difficult people and in the public wherein men would catcall you. Remember to put your shoes when encountering difficult people and try to understand their past and the reason behind their personality. Likewise, ignore men who catcall you while walking on the road or in the public. Don’t mind them because this just proves that you are an educated woman. Intelligent people ignore.


Maintain your kind and gentle demeanor. However, when someone already steps on you, be firm with what you believe in. Say your stand but be mindful with your words. Be professional. Even though you don’t like that person, what matters is you respect that individual because he or she still deserves it.

Always speak positive words to other people. As much as possible, walk away from people who speak negatively about others behind their back.

Those who guard their mouths and tongues save themselves from calamity.

-Proverbs 21:23

Moreover, surround yourself with people who encourage you to do your best. Always provide value in everything that you do most especially in your work.

For this year, work hard to reach your ultimate dream and to bring home that glorious crown. This has been your dream ever since you were a young girl. Now, it is an opportunity for you to show to others what you are capable of. Don’t mind those people who keep on looking down on you. Believe in yourself and think of those people who have always believed in you. Most importantly, you know that you have that voice inside of you which you wanted to share to others. Be an inspiration to others most especially to the young people. Make that as a motivation to attain excellence.

For all of these things, be satisfied with what you have but don’t be satisfied with what you can become. As every page of this book start to unfold, make each day as a time for you to become a better person and to become a blessing to other people. Challenges and difficulties are undeniably inevitable but they make our lives more meaningful.

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You may reach the biggest dip in your life. Like the stock market, you might continuously be in a downtrend for a long period of time. However, remember that you need this tremendous dip as a cushion for you to succeed with in the future. Remember that after the biggest dip comes the extraordinary prize that is waiting ahead of you.



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