People Will Always Have Something To Say About You

When you have gained weight, others would say that you should shed some pounds because society dictates that being fat is ugly. When you are slender, like me, people would say that you should gain some weight before you would look like a bag of bones. When you are wearing this kind of outfit, people might either say that it fits perfectly for you or you just look like a disaster. When you do something unusual, people will always have side comments. In everything that you do, people will always have something to say.

I have been in that phase where I always live to what society is trying to tell me. However, it made me realize that I am chained with their comments. I got choked. The journey of living with society’s standards is unending. You never know whom you would listen to because you always conform to their standards. Efforts were not reciprocated. Time was exploited. Money was wasted. Until one day, you would get tired and get exhausted as a result of living with what they say.


Because of that, I decided to live my life and be the person that I have always wanted to be. I wear clothes that I like because it is my way of expressing myself. I eat healthfully and live an active lifestyle because I wanted to have a good physique and a healthy version of myself than I was before. I jog because I wanted to push myself everyday. I only apply powder and lipstick on my face because I get uncomfortable whenever I wear layers of make up on my beautiful face. I save not because I don’t want to spend my money but because I wanted to do something in the future. I take risks not because I want to get myself in danger but because I wanted to see if I can make it and be able to receive the most valuable return. Whatever I do, I live my life because that’s what pleases my being.

Someone will always have something to say about you. Even when you’re doing your best, they would still have negative comments about you. Strive for the best anyway. You’re living your life for you and not for them. You don’t have to explain yourself to them because life is too short to just waste your time to people who always misunderstand you.

Yet, there are times when you still become a vulnerable being because of what they would say to you, but then just remember that this experience would make you a better and resilient individual. Remember that we cannot please everyone. So, stand firm and be secure with your own being. Know yourself because like a bamboo tree, you would not be easily swayed with the storms that would come as a result of the sturdy foundation you have built within yourself.

From all of these things, just be you and don’t waste your time thinking about what they say. They are free to say what they want while you just be the authentic and peculiarly amazing version of you. In everything that you do, may it be positive or negative, people will always have something to say about you. As long as you’re not hurting or stepping other people, stay true to who you are and walk with your head held high.


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