First Day In Public Speaking Class

Enrolling in a public speaking class is one of my goals that I seek to accomplish this 2017. Indeed, I was able to make that first step by enrolling at Speechmaster’s last week.

For me, joining a public speaking class is a risk because you need to practice in order to properly delivery and convey your thoughts and ideas not just to one or a few people, but to a large audience or a crowd. Truly, there is fear instilled within us when we speak in front of vast people. It’s a risk. However, I have always wanted to improve myself and be confident by taking this first step. Aside from that, I believe that this is beneficial for me whenever I would decide to fulfill my dream of becoming a beauty queen because truthfully, physical appearance counts but what matters most is how you are able to express yourself to other people.

Yesterday, January 14, was the first day of my public speaking class. I was excited yet anxious on what might happen during my first session. I arrived at the area by 1pm. The director, Atty. Bienvenido Macaraeg, directed me to the classroom. It was a huge conference-like room. I believe that the place was his house, yet he utilized the space for his business since he is also the owner of Sunny Farm Foods and Nature’s Bread and for his passion which is Speechmasters. Our classroom was very conducive. The environment is air-conditioned. At the same time, there’s a podium in front where students would whenever one is asked to speak in front of the class.

Before the class, Sir Bien first provided me an orientation. I really learned a lot from him most especially about public speaking, confidence, and nutrition. I was also inspired by his humble beginnings and by his insights on life and faith. He also handed me the class manual and other handouts.

Likewise, I also met other students from the class who were already 5 sessions ahead of me. They started the class last October 2015. I met Naisah, a 2nd year Business Administration student and Belle, a working professional and also a graduate of Business Administration major in Marketing Management. Gladly, both came from my alma mater, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

The class has its set of rules and regulations. During that time, I just observed what they have been doing. I noticed that they have been earnestly writing notes on their notebooks and papers. Later did I know that they are writing an outline for the speech they have to deliver. Likewise, I wrote an outline, based from the format provided, for my first speech with the theme, “This Is My Life.”

What I love most about the class is being able to share our thoughts and opinions to our fellow classmates. I believe that this is a great way to stimulate our thinking. We were also tasked to be updated with current news and events. Also, it was an accomplishment that I was able to share my life to the class. Although I did not deliver my speech perfectly, I believe that this is already a huge stepping stone for me to become a great speaker.

I am already looking forward for the second session and for the next fifteen sessions. I really do my best to make the most out of every minute of the class because this is just a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also, I am just like a sponge by absorbing everything I need to learn.

Truly, it’s a risk to face a huge crowd. Yet, in finance, I’ve learned that the higher the risk of an investment, the higher its return. With this, I firmly believe that this risky investment would provide me a great return in the near future.

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