Maria Mika Maxine Medina for Miss Universe

Filipinos love to witness beauty pageants as it is part of our Philippine culture. At the same time, we like to criticize the beautiful candidates from these kinds of competition. For one, what made me disheartened at present was how Filipinos constantly bash not other candidates, but unfortunately, our very own candidate, Miss Universe Philippines – Maria Mika Maxine Medina.


I still remembered when she won the coveted Binibining Pilipinas Universe crown last March 2016 since I always watch the annual prestigious pageant in the country. I thought that she really deserves it. However, as time goes by, Filipinos are not satisfied with the winner.

Filipinos constantly criticize her communication skills.  A lot would say that she is a shame to our country for representing the Philippine sash during the Miss Universe pageant. Likewise, others would question her capability in following the footsteps of Pia Wurtzbach. People always compare her with the current Miss Universe titleholder.

At the same time, others would say that Kylie Verzosa should have one the title, instead of the Miss International crown. For one, I believed that candidates are crowned for the specific title and are sent to represent our country because they are fit for the pageant’s advocacy and mold. Each international pageant represent a different type of advocacy. Indeed, Maxine is truly fitting for the Miss Universe Philippines crown.

Moreover, crab mentality, one of the traits which we Filipinos have, is a demoralizing attitude. Instead of supporting our neighbors and becoming happy with the success of others, we tend to destroy the person’s image by spending most of our time talking about others. A lot of us are more active in discussing about how unworthy she is of that triumph instead of looking up on that individual and learning from his or her success.

Right now, our very own Maxine Medina does not need our negative opinion and criticisms. What she mostly needs is our support. If you cannot support her, just think of putting your own shoes on her. Imagine if you would be the one who will wear the Philippine sash during the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. Would you be happy if you would see the comments on social media which says that you are a sore loser and an undeserving winner? How could you say that she is a brainless when in fact, she is an exemplary Interior Designer who graduated from De La Salle – College of St. Benilde. Worse, would you be encouraged if these harsh words came from your fellow Filipinos?

With that, I must say that before you negatively criticize Maxine, look at yourself and see if you can speak something extemporaneously in English. Before uttering harsh words on her physical appearance, better make sure if you have a perfectly toned body. Above all, before you judge, better make sure that you are perfect.


As Miss Universe 2012 First Runner Up Janine Tugonon said during the pageant almost five yeara ago, “Being a Miss Universe is not about being able to speak a specific language. It’s about being able to influence and inspire other people. No matter what language you have, as long as you have the heart and strong mind to serve, then you can be Miss Universe.” Indeed, for decades, countless Latinas won the Miss Universe crown. They have interpreters during the question and answer portion. Truly, speaking the English language is not a requisite. It’s just that we Filipinos are very critical when it comes to the English language. As Mark Abalos, one of Maxine’s trainer, said in his Instagram post, “Please stop comparing her communication skills to previous representatives and candidates. We are second language speakers of English. Errors are normal. Even first language speakers of English commit mistakes, too. At the end of the day, it’s just a beauty contest. Maxine will still be beautiful. She’ll still be designing interiors. She has a beautiful life ahead. How about you?”

Photo form

Maxine has worked hard for this. She has prepared for this physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, not for herself, but for the country. For me, she has what it takes to be the next Miss Universe. In a world full of critics, can we just be supporters instead for the Philippines?

On a high note, let’s show our love for her. #4M4MU



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