The Loss Of Not Taking The Risk

For you, which one is worse, taking a risk or not trying at all? For one, I believe that one is at loss if that person did not try at all for he or she would not be able to know if he or she has the potential to succeed.

Pursing a public speaking course at Speechmasters is a risky one since I really have the nerves when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd. Although I would be able to speak English in an audience, when I am already in front of a vast sea of people, I would eventually get jittery and get absent-minded. I also seek to improve my communication skills and one reason I pursued this class is because of my desire to join beauty pageants.

For the past 5 sessions, I have truly learned a lot in my public speaking class under the leadership of Mr. Higinio Macaraeg, Jr. I have also learned a lot from him and from my classmates.

Yesterday, it was a fulfilling session. Even though we were just 3 in our class, I was really making the most out of our session. I was greatly intrigued in our Tabletopics Session since I was assigned as the Tabletopics Master for the first time. Actually, during this session, the director would assign anyone in the class to provide 3 to 5 questions which are considered as Tabletopics. At least 1 topic should be a current event. Eventually, almost all of my topics are related to current events. My topics were about the relevance of EDSA People Power Revolution, the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos, the importance of education, and LTO’s mandate to wipe out old Public Utility Vehicles or PUVs especially jeepneys. The Tabletopics session is truly my favorite part since all of us get the chance to speak our opinions on a certain topic. Likewise, we are able to think and to comprehend on the question that were asked to each one of us.

At the same time, during yesterday’s session, my 2 classmates who were sisters, Alyanna and Jezza, were already in their 13th Lesson which is a topic on giving an Impromptu speech. What was memorable to me was Alyanna’s 20-minute impromptu speech. The director gave her a topic on her experience on beauty pageants. Alyanna is truly a beauty amidst her timidity and introvert personality. Yet, during her impromptu speech, I never saw her introvert side. It was like she actually prepared her speech even though she actually didn’t. What was memorable to me was her vast experience in joining beauty pageants. I really never thought that she would become one. Eventually, I was her evaluator. I was truly impressed by her. It was also encouraging for me who has interest in beauty pageants. I told her that she is a diamond in a rough and I saw Shamcey Supsup in her because the beauty queen who was famously known for her tsunami walk was a boyish one before. From that, I started to look up on Alyanna and I applauded her in my mind because of her great achievements. Even before, I have already look up on beauty queens because of their exuding confidence and their ability to command respect from others.


With that, I was able to reflect if I would eventually take the risk of joining a beauty pageant this year. It’s really not an easy one to join such event, I tell you, especially today where social media is a prevalent tool for you to be criticized. At times, my self-confidence would get low because I was always comparing myself to other beauty queens. I am thinking that they are more beautiful than me or they deserve more to become one than me. Yet, what crossed my mind is that this is really my dream ever since high school. I was just waiting for the time to graduate in college. Now, almost a year after graduation, would I take the leap or not? I was telling myself that I would just join whenever I am already prepared. Yet, when would I eventually be prepared? My time is ticking. I don’t want to get old and have regrets that I haven’t taken that leap despite its riskiness.



Thinking of Alyanna who is very timid yet she still continues to chases her dreams, I’ve thought that soon, in the near future, my time would eventually come. I am praying everyday that Our Almighty Father would allow me to pursue this dream and would give me this rare opportunity. I have imagined if Pia Wurtzbach did not joing Binibining Pilipinas again for the 3rd time in 2015 and if she let her bashers put her down, we would not probably have our country’s 3rd Miss Universe after 42 years. I don’t want let my dreams die. I don’t want to live a life of regret whenever I look back on my younger years. I don’t want to be at loss because of not taking that risk. I wanted to follow my dreams because it is the one thing that keeps my soul alive.

P.S: Take time to read this post yesterday from my instructor in my CFMP/Bloomberg class which triggered me to visit the dream which I have almost buried at present.





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