My Favorite Sin

We all have our favorite food, our favorite clothes, our favorite singer, our favorite celebrity, and our favorite television show. Yet, do you have a favorite sin? It’s a paradox that a sin, which is an immoral act, becomes your desired doing. Yes, we all have our own favorite sin. Some of us know it while some of us live with it everyday without even realizing that it’s already an immoral act.

This Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten Season. This day, which is 46 days before Easter Sunday, reminds us that we have committed sin which cause our division from God. With this, I believe that our immoral acts would result to our separation from Our Almighty Father.


In our world today, especially in the advent of social media, it’s easy for us to criticize a person. We condemn this individual based on one’s physical appearance. At times, when we saw that this Facebook friend of ours posted a very intriguing part of his or her life, we immediately conclude events, as if we know the whole story. Worse, instead of just keeping such thoughts to ourselves, we tend to share the controversy to our friends, resulting to a backstabbing moment. From that, one has already sinned.

I am immensely proud of her. ❤

As a person who is greatly interested in beauty pageants, before, I have the tendency to criticize the candidates. I comment on her stick figure, her boyish physique, her flat chest, her imperfect love handles, her muffin top, her unflattering gown, or her disastrous make up, as if I even had the perfectly chiseled body or grandiose set of clothes. Especially for us Filipinos, it’s easy for us to judge these candidates. However, we failed to see the things that are happening backstage. Behind the lens is where reality truly happens. We never thought that these amazing women have fought hard just to conquer their anxieties and their fears. It’s a way for them to know themselves better by engaging to this endeavor and for some, to support themselves and their family. We did not try to hear their stories. Above all, we never thought that if we are in their place, how would we feel if we hear such comments and criticisms?

Because of this, my favorite sin at present is being judgmental. I realized that being judgmental would not bring good to that person whom we criticized. It only brings harm to us since it destroys our character and our self-esteem. When we judge other people, it’s as if that we live perfectly in this world. We failed to put our own shoes to this person and to really know the story. We tend to define this person based on our judgments. However, in reality, it just defines who we are. Little by little, as a person who went through one beauty pageant before and who aspires to become a beauty queen in the near future, instead of being judgmental, each day, I strive to see the goodness to these empowering women and to know what they have been through which becomes an encouragement, not only for me but for everyone.


Jesus Christ taught us that we don’t have the right to judge other people. Only God can judge us during the final day. As he said, “Do not make any judgment before the appointed time, until the Lord comes, for he will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will manifest the motives of our hearts, and then everyone will receive praise from God (1 Corinthians 4:5).” How would you feel if you judge your own self? We don not even pass the judgments we make on our own selves.

So, what is your favorite sin? We all stand guilty before God, so this Ash Wednesday is an opportunity for us to confess our sins and to reconcile with Our Almighty Father. We are dust and from dust we shall return. We are mortal beings and soon, we will face death. Because of that, we cannot live without Him who is an ever forgiving and graceful Father despite our unworthiness to receive such blessings.


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