Looking Back To See How Far I’ve Come

The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come. Time is indeed so fast because it has already been a year ever since I graduated from college. Within one year, a lot has already happened which contributed to the person that I am today.


Also, yesterday, I already got our 2016 Crusader Yearbook which is the official yearbook of my school, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Looking at every page with the faces of my batchmates, acquaintances, classmates, groupmates, and friends made me remember the memories I have shared with these amazing individuals.

I was able to remember the struggles I have faced when I was still studying which made me realize that they are just a minuscule of the challenges I encounter today. The real world is truly harsh. You think that by the time you would eventually land a job in this prestigious company, you would eventually be accepted and be treated like a neophyte. However, you are expected to keep up with the fast-paced corporate environment and to adapt with the adverse and complicated atmosphere. They don’t care if you are still a fresh graduate since you are anticipated to be like them. With such adversities, one would probably entertain the choice of giving up. Yet, through these experiences, I still continued the long and winding journey. Right now, I am grateful for such bloody battles because I am able to remarkably perform my duties and responsibilities. Above all, I was strengthened as a person in order to stand up for what I truly believe in as long as you’re not stepping on others.

Moreover, I am grateful for the habits I have learned in college because I was able to apply it in my job right now. Time management, organization, punctuality, integrity, and morality are still of utmost importance when it comes to the real world. You will still bring the habits you do in college by the time you are already working.

You tell yourself that by the time I would already have my own salary, I would then be able to buy anything that you want. It’s true. However, you need to remind yourself that you are already on your own and you need to save for the future and for emergency purposes. You cannot anymore ask money from your parents in case you are sick or you need to buy that hiking shoes. You need to stand on your own for you will be on your own in the future.

Unlike in college where you see your friends everyday, it’s already hard to catch-up with them after graduation. Some of them would work in their respective hometowns, some are assigned to different places, while some are not available because of the overtime that is waiting ahead of them after the regular working hours. With this, you really need to match up the vacant time you had with your friends so that you would eventually reunite.

However, most of the time, the only individual you will be will is yourself. Unlike in college where you can eat lunch with your friends at the school cafeteria, right now, I have learned to be with my own self most of the time. I go to mall alone, I eat at my favorite fastfood chain alone, I drink milktea alone, I eat shawarma alone, I go the bookstore alone. I am all by myself. Furthermore, with such experience, I have learned to love myself and know my own self better. I have learned to be self-regulating without the dependence of other people.

Amidst such independence of myself, I have learned to be always dependent with an all-knowing God. I have grown closer to Him ever I since I began serving Him after graduation. It made me realize on the things that are eternal instead of the earthly things that are just ephemeral.


After graduation, you might think that you are lost or you are all alone. It’s the time when you are able to confront your own self and to know who you really are. Do the things that you wanted to do because it is in this time when the clock already starts to tick. Above all, as what Stephen Curry said, “Be the best version of yourself in anything that you do. You don’t have to live in anybody else’s story.”


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