A Year After I Moved On, I Can Now Look Back

Almost two years had already passed. I cannot anymore vividly remember what happened during that day when I first saw you and that time when I broke my heart because of you. I tried to look back right now by reading the letter I have wrote to you prior to our break-up and it made me realize why I am so much better alone than being in a harmful relationship. I believe that I should not anymore waste my time by looking back on what happened to us for life is not meant to be traveled backwards. I have already moved on with my life.

However, right now, I am proud of what we both achieved after a year of not talking with each other. 1 year ago, I graduated from college and eventually landed a job in one of the top banks in the country, and right now, you would eventually graduate in one of the prestigious law enforcement institutions in the country. Even before, with your noteworthy intellect, I really believed that you would be included in your group’s cream of the crop. Congratulations that you have reached the Top 5 spot in the graduating class of PNPA Masidlak 2017. I know that your family is really proud of you. Also, your friends and fellow kababayans in Cagayan de Oro is much proud of you.

I believe that there are reasons why things happened and there are bountiful reasons why it happened to us. Despite the pain I have experienced years ago, I am thankful for those things. If not for that experience, I would not attain great freedom right now. If not for the pain, I would not be motivated to become a successful woman. If not for the torture, I would not be able to have a proper perspective to set standards for a man who would greatly respect and value me as a treasured woman. We haven’t had closure during that time when we parted our ways. Yet, I just want to tell to you right now that we really met for a reason and you are just one of the greatest lessons I will carry in my life. I have let go of the past and I will forever hold the lessons I have learned.

As you venture to another phase in your life as a Fire Inspector, hopefully, you would serve our country with fulfillment and pride. Hopefully, you would achieve greater heights in the field you have chosen which is the Bureau of Fire Protection and on the endeavors you will take in your career and in your personal life during the succeeding years. For me, I am happy on my transformation right now as a person and I am motivated to reach for the ultimate crown. Thank you for making me realize that I am better without you. Lastly, I am grateful for you because you have helped me grow as a person and lead me closer to the man covered in God’s armor, and that is not you.


2 thoughts on “A Year After I Moved On, I Can Now Look Back

  1. Both of you have achieve great things, and I’m glad you have a good approach towards your breakup since most exes nowadays would wish ill towards each other, but you’re different. It’s good that you have moved on, Maureen. 🙂 Here’s to a regret-free single life.

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