Put Your Eyes On The Stars But Don’t Forget To Always Put Your Feet On The Ground

As a student, we have worked hard for a quarter of our lives in order to finish our education. Eventually, after we go to the stage and receive that diploma diploma during our college graduation, we think that we are already on top of the world. However, it’s not what you think it is. We still don’t know a lot of things which we ought to learn by the time we venture in the real world. Because of that, there is a need for us to humble ourselves and to kill our pride and ego after college graduation.


Yes, it’s really good to taste the sweetness of success and the triumph we have labored for several years. Yet, we should recognize that even though we already received our coveted diplomas or passed the board exams and fortunately, became licensed professionals in our respective fields, don’t assume that the experienced people in the industry we belong would already put us on top of the management. Because of this, we should remember that during our first employment, there is a need for us to learn a lot of things in the industry that we chose to partake. In college, we just learned about theories on certain subjects. With that, we need to apply such theories so that we would further master our chosen field. Aside from that, when we would have our first job, we are considered as kindergartens in the corporate world while our colleagues are already college graduates or even masters or doctorate degree holders in the field. They truly deserve the honor and respect because like our parents, they have went through a lot of things which we still need to undergo during our journey of learning. Because of that, always be humble because even though we have learned some things during our college years, true humility is about staying teachable regardless of how much one already knows.

At the same time, when you eventually land your first job, it’s normal that you would truly start at the bottom. Don’t think of yourself highly that you would eventually be treated like the assistant vice president or the branch manager. You would truly begin as a rank-and-file employee. At times, you would experience hardships as a result of adapting to your new job. Yet, just remember this as a stepping stone towards your goals. You need to learn from being at the bottom of the organization so that you would be able to know the duties and responsibilities of the job by the time you reach the top of the corporate ladder. Give yourself the time and the patience to grow during your first job, no matter how hard it is. Learn from your job, from your daily experiences, and from your co-workers. Don’t complain whenever you are given a task that you think is impossible to accomplish. Just remember to follow what you are told by your boss and to do your best by giving your all, but never compromise your principles and values which you truly believe in as these serves as your foundation in whatever endeavor you go through.Always have the positive attitude because a pessimistic attitude is like a flat tire. If one doesn’t change it, you won’t go anywhere.

Lastly, don’t settle for less. Don’t just think of being stagnant at your job until you retire. Strive to aspire for a managerial position by grabbing opportunities or by taking further studies such as pursuing a master’s degree or a course related to your field so that you would be an edge to your company. It’s good to be competitive and to be confident, but having too much ego would kill your talent. Always think that you still need to learn a lot of things in the industry you belong. However, whenever you already reach the top, remember to always look back where you belong and don’t forget to be grateful for the people who contributed to your current success.

Above all, the higher one is placed, the more humbly one should walk. Because of that, no matter what we have achieved in our lives, no matter how big our goals in reaching for that ultimate star, and no matter where we are today, either if we are still beginning to learn or are already on the top, we must always put into heart to constantly put our feet on the ground.



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