I’ve Grown Too Strong To Ever Fall Back In Your Arms

What I have achieved right now is a result of my determination and perseverance to become a better and wiser individual. At the same time, what I have accomplished right now is a result of the disappointments and mistakes I have committed in the past. I am the woman that I am right now because of the heartbreaks I have been through before.
With that, I believe that loving someone special is the most delightful feeling in the world. However, being hurt as a result of loving is likewise a devastating experience one would have, especially when you are betrayed by that person whom you have put your trust.

Right now, the person who cheated on you or who left you without a single trace might go back again and would find ways to keep in touch to you. At first, you are surprised that maybe, they have changed their ways or they are interested to be with you again. Hey, beautiful girl, don’t be blinded again by his deceitful words and untrustworthy actions. Remember those times when he smashed your identity as a person. Remember the time when you tried to reach out to him but he finds reasons not to see you. Remember the time when you agreed to meet on a specific time and place, yet he arrived hours late with bountiful reasons that he forgot your date or he has an important matter to attend. Remember the time when he attempted to get your identity as a woman. Yet, with God’s grace and strength endowed within you, you are able to go away from the deception of temptation and sin. Eventually, you saw that he isn’t passionate as he was compared before when he was still pursuing your heart. You started to over think and wonder if something is wrong with you and if you have uttered words which scared him away. You knew that it was coming. The end was coming. Most importantly, remember the time after you have lost him, he immediately found someone to replace you. It really deserves a round of applause with a standing ovation.

You thought it was already the end of your world because you already expected that you would be together until the end. Yet, you’ve learned not to expect too much in a relationship because of unforeseen events such as this one. Also, there’s nothing wrong with you and you haven’t said words which scared him away. He is the problem because from the very start, he did not fully commit being with you. The breaking hurts. Fortunately, through time, you are able to move on. You gave youe best shot and you worked hard to reach greater heights. No one could bring you down right now. You have grown stronger through the test of time. Then, at present, that person who did these dreadful things would just come easily in to your life like nothing has happened in the past? Oh come on!

Above all, you realized your worth and you deserve so much better. You do not deserve to be in the arms of someone who would just treat you as a second choice. You deserve to be valued as a priceless and treasured queen on a man’s kingdom. You are not a back-up plan and a second choice. You lost him but eventually you found yourself and that is the essence of what he did to you. You looked back on your life and you realized that everything that happened to you only made you stronger. Tell him with your head held up high, “I’ve grown too strong to ever fall back in your arms.”


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