Being Different Is A Blessing

During these days, people usually follow where the crowd goes. We go with the trend and what’s in when it comes to fashion, things, and lifestyle. If you go out of the trend, you are treated as an outcast and you begin to isolate yourself.

With that, I began to see myself as a person who is different because of my way of thinking on certain things. Actually, as a person with an INFJ personality, I consider myself as an idealistic person. This made me realize during such times when I am challenged by events or by people.

These are the things which I feel that makes me different.

1. Being an INFJ, I am an introvert. Yet, I am not an extreme introvert by the time you will first meet me since I am, at times, mistaken as an extrovert. However, I am not an introvert. I am just a selectively extrovert person. So, if I just know you on the surface, I would really not go beyond what is personal. If I get comfortable to you, you would notice that I would talk about my personal life and would be interested on deep conversations. However, if I have observed and noticed that you would just harm me, I would not attempt to have a connection with you since I am cautious that you would just take advantage of my vulnerability. So whenever I’m silent, I hate it when you say that I don’t talk. I just don’t have time for meaningless and short talks.

2. I really live a healthy and active lifestyle. Don’t reprimand me if I always eat vegetables and just have 1 cup of red rice with a fruit during lunch. Don’t scold me if avoid drinking softdrinks and eating junkfoods, white bread, and pork or beef. Don’t lecture me that I should stop exercising since I already have a slender physique. Just don’t me. You did not know how I felt when I was bullied before because of my overweight figure. At the same time, I am not dieting, I am just conscious of my choices on my intake since people nowadays would just go back to the basics by the time when they are already diagnosed with detrimental illnesses.

3. I am a person who cannot withstand a messy area. I am just not productive whenever things are not organized and when there are a lot of sore in front of my eyes.

4. I am the type of individual who needs some alone time after being exposed to the crowd or to different people. As an INFJ, I just need to recharge my mind and my soul and to think and reflect on things which truly matter most.

5. I avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. I believe that they don’t contribute anything to our body. Likewise, being drunk is not the way to be confident or to be open on what you really feel. Being drunk what just create a mockery out of yourself. 6

6. I don’t engage in superficial relationships. I don’t want to play games. I want to be in a relationship that situated God on the center and that leads to a Godly marriage. I believe that there is still a man who is covered in God’s armor. One should just need to patiently wait and to pray to Him that He would provide you this man in His time.

7. I am a frugal person. You would discover that I have a worksheet that traces my daily expenses so that I would be conscientious of the inflow and outflow of my cash. With this, I always bring my baon at work because I am saving. I am saving for emergency purposes and for investment purposes. I am doing this for my own good since I know that I will be the one who would eventually benefit this one in the future.


Being different is really a tough one since it would challenge you to really stand for yourself. Just remember that in order to be irreplaceable, you have to be different. To those people who tease you, just laugh at them. Don’t be bothered by them if they laugh at you because you’re different. Laugh at them because they’re all the same.


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