Sometimes, You Just Need Someone To Talk To

In our world today, a lot of us actually speak than listen. This is mostly reflective in social media nowadays where people are actually glued on their phones and gadgets instead of having personal conversations with someone. With this, people in this generation experience depression as a result of not being able to unload the burden they are presently feeling within themselves.

As a working individual for almost a year right now, it’s actually hard for me to find someone to talk to and just to listen. For one, my close friends in high school and college are busy with their respective careers. Some of them are working outside Cagayan de Oro City. With this, I just have this everyday routine of waking up, going to work, going home, and sleep. Of course, we encounter challenges and struggles in our daily lives. It’s a fortunate one if we could actually handle things on our own. However, there are just times when we wanted to unload the thoughts that we want to say to our friends who truly understands your situation.

Unwinding at Chingkee Tea with my fellow Speechmaster, Ailene.

This afternoon, after my public speaking class with Speechmasters, I’ve discovered that I am not alone with my personal struggles. I am grateful for the opportunity to bond with my younger classmate, Ailene. Even though she is 6 years younger than me, I can sense that we actually share the same thoughts and values in life. It just feels good to share your ideas and opinions on certain things while at the same time, being able to listen from the perspective of a younger individual.

Catch up at Grub Up!
Also at Chingkee Tea
Coffee at Bean Voyage
During our branch 2016 Christmas Party


Also, I am grateful with my co-worker, Mek. She is my sitmate at office since our work cubicle is near with each other. She’s actually my batchmate in college but we just eventually became friends because we work in the same company. I am thankful for her since she is my close friend at work despite that she is from another department. I felt that working at the company with her was made easier because she became my confidante when it comes to my struggles at work. We know that there are just actually a few people who understand you at the office and I believe that Mek is one of those people.

Dinner at Melquiades for our 22nd birthday celebration
Healthful lunch at Krunch!

Also, I am thankful for my college friend, Wendy because whenever I have something in my mind to share to her, she is just one call away in order to save my day (Sounds familiar, Haha). Even though we just rarely see each other, she always listens to my thoughts and ideas despite when we’re talking personally or even just on the phone. I believe that she is one of the people who actually know me better than anyone else.

I’ve also learned to refrain from sharing your personal life and even your dreams and plans with other people who cannot be trusted because there are actually people who just listens and doesn’t truly understand you. Instead of opening up with them, just stay quiet than to share your problems or your thoughts whenever you are in company with such kinds of people because most of them don’t actually care and unfortunately, most of them are glad that you have them. Likewise, being vulnerable is a risk especially when you open up yourself to people whom you cannot trust. Just be careful to whom you share your weaknesses with because some people would use it to deceive you or to use it against you.

Because of this, find someone who truly understands you. That someone whom you are not afraid to share your struggles, your problems, your triumphs, your dreams, your plans, and your goals in life. When you found one, treasure that person because he or she is a one of a kind in this world. Above all, whenever you are alone, never forget to talk to Our Almighty Father, the One who truly loves you and understands you no matter what you have been through in your life.

Cover photo from EmpowHer



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