I Survived My First Job for 1 Year And You Can Too

Being employed is one of the goals every fresh graduate would have after finishing a bachelor’s degree. Last June 16, 2017, I celebrated my 1st year anniversary of my job as a Loans Documentation Specialist under the Consumer Loans of a universal bank in the Philippines. I was employed 2 months after graduation last March 2016. However, looking back, I could still remember how the period of 2 months after graduation already became an agony for me especially when your friends and your batchmates are already working. The pressure from your relatives who are constantly asking how have you been doing is a slap on my face. Passing your resume, being called by the company for an interview, and eventually, waiting for the results, requires lots of patience. You felt that you gave your best but in reality, it was not enough for them. Doors are banged everywhere for every job seeker. Fortunately, I was able to work in the banking and financial industry. What I have been through was a difficult yet a fulfilling journey. Now, as I look back, here are the valuable things I’ve gone through for 1 year which our fresh graduates who are currently on their first job or are seeking for their first job can learn from:


Under the Loans Documentations Department, a Loans Documentation Specialist or LDS checks and reviews the documents submitted from Marketing, process the loans in line with the Credit Review and Evaluation Department’s approval and conditions, and verifies that all loan documents are complied for its enforceability. In reality, as an LDS, we need to be detail-oriented since we need to find discrepancies and errors from the submitted loan and legal documents in line with the bank’s credit facility.  We process the documentation of loan documents for it’s enforceability. We also monitor the documents that were not submitted, endorsement of loan documents for documentary stamp tax payment affixture, notarization, annotation to the Registry of Deeds for chattel and real estate mortgage, and encumbrance to the Land Transportation Office for chattel mortgage and we also process the cancellation of mortgage upon full payment. At the same time, we also act as custodian of documents most especially collateral documents so one truly needs to be organized, or else, if you’re complacent, you’re an enormous risk to the bank. If you’re an OC person, you are definitely qualified for this job. Haha.

1. The beginning is always the hardest

I never thought of working in a bank before because I always view the industry as a sophisticated one. I never felt that I deserve to be in a prestige industry. However, for my first job, I felt a sense of accomplishment working in a bank. With that, I thought it would be an easy one. Yet, as time goes by, I began to encounter difficulties. At first, I thought it was just related to how I adapt to the new environment especially with the people and the culture. Eventually, I was able to discover that I need to update several backlog accounts. I cannot imagine what mess I have entered. It was a turning point for me since during that time, I was thinking that after 6 months, I would not accept my regularization since this job is a total headache. During my first 4 months, I remembered being pressured by my head as a result of the backlog work left by my predecessor since we thought that the audit season is coming to our department. I remembered going home at almost eleven in the evening for 1 week. We were working our ass off so that the audit team would not catch the clutter that was left. Fortunately, I was able to survive it and cleaned every mess that was left.

What I did about it: Even though I have thought of giving up within a short span of time, I thought that people who don’t like me would be happier seeing me failing. Also, filing a resignation with a little work experience is a slap on one’s face. Ask yourself if what impression would your next employer say about you? With that, instead of blaming the person who made that unscrupulous mess before you and saying that you’re the most unfortunate employee in the world, I think of it as a valuable learning experience. First, I think that it’s better being able to experience difficulties in the beginning than being able to encounter such event in the latter part of your work because as you are employed in the longer run, you already have an idea on how to surpass such challenge. Second, I think of it as a stepping stone for me since I have this goal of achieving a managerial or supervisor position. You cannot be a good leader if you didn’t know the basics or the things that your rank and file employees do. Lastly, learn from that experience and make sure not to commit the mistakes which your predecessor has left to you. Prove to your boss that he or she did not regret in hiring you with that job.

2. Working with difficult people and hearing dramas from co-workers

This is one my struggles even up to this day that I am already working for 1 year. Dealing with diverse personalities is hard especially for me who has a soft personality. As an LDS, I need to have a strong conviction whenever I could see that something is wrong from the submitted loan documents. I need to be assertive especially that people from the marketing department has a tough personality.

Drama in the office is inevitable especially when most of your co-workers are women. I have already encountered several dramas in the office which involves work-related and personal life dramas. Also, one cannot prevent gossiping. I am actually allergic to such kinds of events since I mostly avoid conflict.

What I did about it: Instead of pointing out the flaws to your officemates, I just think of how I would able to professionally work with them. Likewise, at all costs, I avoid sharing my personal life and problems with people whom I cannot trust and avoid such dramas and gossip because it just brings a lot negative aura and toxicity in our minds.

3. Knowing how to multi-task and managing your time

In this job, I learned how to do several things at the same time. Processing loans while at the same time, answering calls from branches or from your head, dealing with client’s queries, monitoring loan accounts, replying emails, preparing reports, filing documents, endorsing accounts, and the list is unending. Also, through time, I was able to know how to manage my time and I was able to manage when I would do a specific task.

What I did about it: Multi-tasking is actually a skill. At first, it’s hard. Yet, through time, you will eventually know how to deal with it. Also, it’s good to write down the things you need to accomplish within the day so you would be able to track down what you have already fulfilled and what needs to be further accomplished during the next day. Likewise, with my job, I live up with the saying, “Do what you can do for today and do not wait for tomorrow to come.” Whenever I thought of doing something, I do it immediately and not wait for the next hour to do it because with the various tasks I need to do, I would eventually forget it and my task would pile up.

4. Balancing personal and work life

I do my best to separate my work and personal life. When I am at the office, I do my best not to bring up the problems I’ve faced at home. Likewise, I don’t share my personal life to my officemates. As a person who has a selective extrovert personality, I only share my problems and personal life to those individuals whom I trust the most. I don’t share such things to my officemates. I believe that there people who truly listens while there are people who are happy that you have such problems in your life. Moreover, I try to just do my own thing, look after myself, and mind my own business in order to avoid conflicts.

At the same time, I do my best to have a healthy physique by jogging at least thrice a week or doing simple exercises at home. I have noticed that through consistent physical activities in a week, I prevent back pain as a result of longer time of just sitting on one’s desk for 8 hours. Most importantly, despite the difficulties I encounter in my work, the challenging personalities of individuals I encounter each day, and the strength in surviving such adversities, I was able to withstand all of these things because of Our Almighty Father. I was able to develop such perspective by serving our parish as part of the Lectors and Commentators Ministry, Parish Finance Council and Lay Dehonian at the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was able to seek guidance from Him through my church companions and from the priests who never fails to impart valuable life-lessons. I believe that I was able to balance my life by taking care of my emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, and spiritual well-being.

5. Stand strong and be firm with your principles

One might think that working in one of the top companies of the country means that everything in their system is already perfect. Well, every company is not perfect. You will encounter workers who are lazy, difficult to work with, or would step on to anyone just to reach their own selfish interests. At first, you might feel insignificant or you might sell yourself short as a result of that experience.

What I did about it: I have experienced being reprimanded and embarrassed by one officer at the company during the first 2 months on this job. I have a soft personality which I believed made her did such immoral act to me. I have also experienced being looked down by some people in the office since I was still new during that time. Whenever I ask for help, they don’t bother reaching for a hand. That’s why I did things on my own and gratefully, I was able to withstand such terrible adversities during the first 6 months of my work. With that, hold on to that strength and to that hope that you would be able to survive. After such experience, I never realized how resilient I am to fight those people who mocked me while at the same time, avoiding stepping on to anyone. Likewise, stand up to what you believe in. Don’t worry if you get rejected because you would just get drained as a result of pleasing everyone. Lastly, don’t give up no matter what happens. Remember how far you have come and remember that those people who mocked you would be happier that you gave up. Prove them wrong!


Being part of the corporate jungle is terrifying at first because of the unfamiliar environment and diverse individuals. You are afraid that you might get bitten or poisoned. However, such things are essential so that you would know how to navigate in the complex atmosphere. If I did it, then you can do i.



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