10 Simple Things A 22 Year-Old INFJ Will Enjoy

1. Sleeping at least 7 hours every night

As King Solomon said, “The sleep of a laboring man is sweet.” Having a good sleep after an exhausting day is one of the best feelings in the world. I feel refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. Also, I noticed that having enough rest results to productivity and enthusiasm throughout the day. I already stopped watching late night teleseryes and K-dramas ever since college because I know that it would bring me no where. I also do my best to stop using social media an hour before I sleep so that I would not be tempted to scan Facebook when I am already on bed. I really aim to sleep at least 7 hours each night knowing the dreadful effects of sleep deprivation to our body.

2. Staying at home during holidays or weekends

INFJs like to be with people. However, we tend to lose our energy in socializing too much. That’s why we need to have alone time to recharge ourselves. Right now, I like to be in company with my own self. I have been used to being alone and not depending much to other people’s company. I feel that I am in my own self whenever I am at home in my bedroom, just reading a good book, journalizing my thoughts, or expressing my ideas through writing.

3. Outdoor physical activity

I love to jog in the morning as it gives me energy throughout the day. I also love to be alone with nature by just enjoying the view of the hills here in our vicinity at Macasandig. With my jogging shoes, sports outfit, headphones and motivating music from my phone, I am good to go.

4. Writing

I started this blog simply because of my love for writing ever since college. As much as possible, despite my busy life, I do my best to document my thoughts, ideas, and events that happened in my life so that in the future, I could look back to what I felt. At the same time, it’s my way to release my emotions and to share my values to others.

5. Meaningful conversations with a friend

I love to talk with a friend whom I am not afraid to express my worst self. I love to have meaningful conversation at a milk tea house, coffee shop, or just sitting in a fast food chain store. I feel empowered whenever I share what happened in my life, the values I have learned, the ideas I wanted to realize and listening to his or her perspective too. Whenever I am conversing with a close friend, we never ran out of topic and we never realized that time is running so fast.

6. Preparing and eating healthful meals

I prefer to eat at home or bring meals from home because I know how it was prepared. Also, I enjoy the simple things which my mother prepares such as pinakbet, patatas, orap nga mais, and several vegetable dishes I enjoy at home.

7. Reading a good book

It’s been 2 months since the last time I read a good book. However, I really enjoy reading books which I could related to such as self-help books and spiritual books such as Bo Sanchez’s books. I plan to read the book entitled Quiet  by Susan Cain which talks about the power of introverts in this extroverted world.

8. Serving the church

Serving the church gives me solitude knowing that I am sharing my talent and my skills to others for His greater glory. I also enjoy the company of my church mates such as young individuals, titos and titos from other ministries, and the priests from various congregations.

9. Being involved in a community

I am grateful that I am involved as a Lay Dehonian which is a community for professionals of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus here in the Philippines, founded by Fr. Leo Dehon. I started to be in love with the Dehonian way of life and to be in company with God and His people.

10. Talking to the one who loves us the most

Being alone means that I have a lot of time to be in tune with my thoughts and to be able to talk to Our Almighty Father. I feel strengthened knowing that He has been with me in my challenges and my triumphs. I also wanted to hear his message to me amidst this noisy world that can only satisfy our earthly thirsts.

Cover photo from Skinny Life


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