Recharging My Batteries

During the past months of this year, I’ve been hustling everyday. From my 8 to 5 job every Mondays to Fridays to my public speaking class every Saturday and my service to our parish every Fridays, Sundays, and even after work on weekdays as part of the Parish Finance Council and just recently, my resistance training at the gym, I felt that I need to take a pause and have a break. I need to recharge my batteries.

So today, I had my work leave. A lot would ask, why would you take a leave from work? Where would you go anyway? Do you have an important matter to attend? In my mind, I would want to say to them, “Wala lang, mag bu-ot mo? (In angry tone).” [In English: Nothing, why bother asking?] But really, I just tell them that I just want to rest from work. Indeed, I have been productive today.

Yesterday, I have been so anxious with a lot of things that bothered my mind such as my finances, savings, solicitation from individuals in our vicinity, church tithes, salary, expenses and mostly thoughts relating to money. Likewise, I was thinking about my dreams and goals in life since I am already twenty-two. I felt that I have wasted so much time. I also felt weary, both physically and emotionally. With these voices that are running in my head, I was also bombarded by the voices on social media. At the same time, I was busy doing my tasks as part of the Parish Finance Council where we have to distribute the individual ledgers of almost 1,500 parishioners in our community. Imagine stapling the letter and the individual ledger, writing the name of the person by pen, and arranging alphabetically those letters per community here in our parish. I just continued doing my task whole day even though I was about to go insane yesterday. Thankfully, I finished the task. However, there’s still a quarter of individual ledgers left since the photocopied letters were not enough. Yet, I am just always thinking that while I still have the strength and the life He gave to me each day, I will continue serving Him no matter what happens.

After the busy day, I had an alone time in my bed room just thinking about my own thoughts and after a while, talked to the One whom I love the most, Our Almighty Father. It’s been a long time ever since I had a heart-to-heart talk to Him before I sleep since usually, whenever I am tired during the day, I just pray for a few minutes and eventually snuggle on my bed. It just feels so different whenever you pour out your thoughts and emotions, just like you’re just talking to a trusted friend and I believe He is the most trusted friend that we have. I felt comforted after I talked to Him. After that, I slept at 10:30 in the evening.

This morning, I woke up at 7:00AM. Honestly, I felt so refreshed after an almost 9 hours of sleep. This day, I was very productive. I cleaned my bedroom, organized my space at our house, went to the church for distribution of the ledgers by the Parish Secretary, went home immediately and just had a cozy time at home during the whole morning and half of the afternoon. I was alone at home since my parents, as senior citizens enjoying the privileges, went to the mall for free movie viewing every Mondays and Tuesdays. So, I watched the television, surfed on the internet, and cooked my own lunch. Sweet potato, tuna, and string beans. Very healthful indeed! By the late afternoon, I went to the gym for resistance training. I was there for 2 hours. 45 minutes for cardio and the rest of the period for strength training. Even though it’s tiring, I definitely feel accomplished after each session.

Right now, as I am writing this entry, I am thankful for this day as an opportunity to recharge my batteries. You might think that I was alone the whole time, but I actually love being in my own self. Even when I am alone, I feel whole. This day has been a fount of healing which made my life truly a worth living one. I felt that my batteries are already full since I have distanced myself from the voices of the world in order to hear my very own. I am eager to face the another week starting tomorrow and I am conditioned to conquer the challenges waiting ahead of me.


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