Weekend at Del Carmen Beach Resort

Last weekend, I have already looked forward to go to Del Carmen Beach Resort situated at Barangay Kauswagan, Lagonglong, Misamis Oriental. My college barkada, Sweatzeal, invited us to have an overnight at their home which is also situated at Barangay Kauswagan and at the same time, go to Del Carmen for her birthday celebration. From Cagayan de Oro City, it would take an hour of travel going to the Municipality of Lagonglong. We took the regular Rural Transit bus with a fare of Php58 per person.


Sweatzeal expected us to arrive on their place at 12noon. However, Pamela, Wendy, and I planned to have an overnight at our house the night before so that we could travel early to Lagonglong and surprise her in the early morning while she is still sleeping. We arrived at their house at 8:30 in the morning and indeed, we have surprised her while she was still asleep on her bed.  Haha.

Overnight at our house
Pamela, Wendy, and I tricked Sweatzeal by having a conference call where we’re just near to each other. HAHA.

Surprised Sweat!


During lunchtime



After lunch, we eventually went to Del Carmen Beach Resort which is about 1 kilometer from the highway. One would take a motorcycle ride worth Php10 per person in order to reach the area. I was already very excited since it would be our first time to ride a banana boat. I had been looking forward on that day where I could go to the beach since it has already been a long time ever since I dipped on the sea and swimming pool. Gratefully, the weather during that time was not that warm because of the LPA. As a result, the sea waves are a bit high. Yet, we still pushed through our banana boat adventure.






FullSizeRender (3).jpg

The banana boat ride is good for 5 persons worth Php600. One should only wear spandex clothing. Clothing with buttons, metals, or zippers are not allowed. By the time we already wore our life vests, I was already excited to ride the banana boat. I was on the second to the last sit on the banana boat. At first, it was still smooth sailing. However, by the time we were already going far from the seashore that was the time when my nerves were already killing me. I could already feel the adrenaline rushing within me. The sea waves are so high that the banana boat almost jumped from the waters. The splashes of the salty waters rushing through our faces were so painful to our eyes. We cannot wipe it form our face or else we will fall on the deep sea waters. I really don’t have a choice but to hold my grip soooo tight. I really screamed on the top of my lungs since I was already so scared to fall. I cannot understand why my friends are enjoying while on the other hand, I already feel like dying. I was relieved when the jetski driver already took us on the direction going to the seashores of Del Carmen. After that, we jumped from the banana boat. The fall was very excruciating since I drank a lot of salty water. Hahaha. I could feel the pain in my eyes and on the insides of my nasal pathways. It has been a long time after I have felt that kind of adrenaline rush. I’ve conquered my fear on the waters.





However, after awhile, our hands and arms are shaking as a result of our tight grip on the banana boat. Haha. I could remember eating the fruit salad and at the same time, my hands were still unconsciously shaking. We then went back to the swimming pool. There, we bonded with my barkada for hours. We departed the place at 5pm. We went back to Sweatzeal’s house and took a nap before the Sweatzeal’s birthday celebration, together with her mom and cousin’s birthdays too.


Her birthday celebration was a joyous one since Sweatzeal’s relatives from her mother and father’s side were there. We were really very full as a result of the delectable and appetizing foods they have served. After the celebration, we watched the episode on MMK where Patrick Garcia and Erich Gonzales portrayed the roles of the story. While watching the heart-touching drama, I prepared for the 2x spicy noodles which has been a trend right now. A lot of people are actually taking that spicy challenge nowadays. Haha. It was Sweatzeal who first tasted the spicy ramen-flavored noodles, then Wendy, and lastly, me. It was my second time to taste the spicy-flavored noodles. My mouth was really burning as a result of the extreme spiciness of the noodles. I really promised to myself that it would be my last time to taste that spicy death noodles.


I was really grateful for my college barkadas because we really find time to bond each other, at least once a month despite our distance. Sweatzeal is working at Landbank Surigao while Pamela is associated at Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital. On the other hand, Wendy is still a graduating student. Despite the distance of place and lapse of time, our friendship has never lessened. Moreover, it has grown stronger.

Till next time friends!

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