A Scenic Spirit

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A graduate of Business Administration major in Financial Management from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City last March 2016, I discovered my passion for writing when I was already in college. Being an editor-in-chief of our organization’s publication likewise molded me to become a better writer. Currently, I am employed in one of the top reputable banks in the country.

I tend to pour out my thoughts through writing as it gives me a sense of freedom. Although I still consider myself as a neophyte when it comes to blogging and writing, I strive to become a better person through the experiences I encounter everyday. Whenever I thought of something, I can’t help but write it and share it here.

With these, I recollect such events and interests so that I would be able to share it and hopefully, empower other people especially the youth. Life is more colorful and meaningful when we impart real stories to others. Above all, I believe that writing is a talent given to me by our Creator. Thus, this blog is an opportunity for me to inspire other people so that this world would become a better place to live in.


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